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These challenges are surprisingly fun – well done Ambermist for setting this up.  Its great to see so many people joining in, both new and established bloggers alike.  If you haven’t already, I urge you to join in 🙂

So this week’s challenge is to research and write about something you know very little about 🙂  I’ve decided to collate some Vanguard links and resources, its a little bit cheaty perhaps, but with Vanguard going F2P in the summer, hopefully its something that others will find helpful as well as me 😉  For anyone who uses Delicious, I’ve also created a stack.

I haven’t updated the skin for the UI as yet, although unusually I’m not actually finding the default UI annoying.  I have been looking around though and VGinterface was my first stop.  For skins, the Vanguard community have recently recommended the following UIs, Core or Drox, or for a tailored approach MyUI or CustomUI.

It seems that InfoMap is the map to have.  I use it and it is just brilliant and was easy to install 🙂

official sites
official Vanguard discussion forums.
Vanguard players
14 day free trial download 

fan sites
Silky Venom ~ I’ve found this site to be indispensable for all spheres of the game
Telonica the Vanguard wiki giving a lot of great detailed information

my tips
bearing in mind that my highest level character is 11 😉

The Isle of Dawn is probably the best place to roll your first character, it gives questlines for the three spheres (adventuring, crafting and diplomacy) and gives you a very good set of starter gear.  One thing to note,  I would suggest to keep your crafting quests up with your adventuring quests as the crafting quests for sure send you back into the same areas and for the later areas you get a npc who comes with you and helps you fight – if you are soloing, this is really helpful.  The diplomacy quests may do the same but I didn’t enjoy that aspect so ignored it 😉

Don’t ignore the racial starter areas though – once I left the Isle of Dawn, I travelled to the Wood Elf starter area and did the beginner quests there.  These are great for flavour, for making you feel at home in the world and for giving you a different experience (be aware though that some races start in an instance that you won’t be able to access if you come via the Isle of Dawn, although I think you can pick up the quest trail once you are in Telon proper).

more links?
if anyone else knows of any other websites or blogs that would be useful or interesting – please let me know and I’ll include them 🙂

*update* stargrace published a list of useful sites for Vanguard a while back.

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  1. battlechicken says:

    Ahh, I usually give games going F2P a try, so I’ll know where to start if I do! Great post, thanks!

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