do you remember….

the tale of the red maid?  given how long it’s been, you might be surprised to hear that I do 😛

I have now finished the epic part of the tale and will be scheduling the instalments for publication on Fridays!!  yes you did read right – it’s only taken me a year 😀  this last section has been really difficult as I couldn’t repeat  the instance with Eldaeriel and only had 1 alt so had to bodge screenshots together – I really hope it works.

The final part I am hoping to get to this week is the tying up of the tale with the Agamaur and Garth Agarwen quests.  Then it’s all done…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. tsuhelm says:

    Cant wait….Just read through the whole series and it really works 🙂

  2. eldaeriel says:

    thank you! and thank you for your other comments – hope you enjoy the rest 🙂

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