skyrim, elder scrolls & bounders

Well the summer holidays are nearly over, so I shall have a bit more time for gaming and blogging 🙂  I have managed to fit in some though, mostly Skyrim and a little bit of lotro.

I’ve finally finished the Dragonborn questline and am halfway through the civil war (imperial side).  My character also got married to Brynjolf (thanks friendly Brynjolf mod ;)) and has managed to contain herself and her many piles of loot to one house.  I’ve the vampire DLC to quest through and the Dragonborn DLC to buy and do and then… she’s pretty much done.  She’s head of the thieves guild and the arch-mage, I have a few thane titles to collect and hmm that just might be it for my goals…  I sort of want to finish and sort of don’t 😉  In lotro, I’ve been occasionally doing the dailies for Hytbold and Forlaw on Mallendis, still a fair bit to do.  I’m also trying to finish up some deeds with her and I have the latest epic book to do on her and Eldaeriel.  I’ve been completely turned off by the grind for reputation and seals and utterly fed up with the drop rate of gold items – stupid grind and stupid rng.  So I haven’t bothered – she’s kitted out well enough and the grind/luck needed for gold / first age items just isn’t worth it (to me at least).

it’s any excuse to show a ton of Skyrim screenshots really, it’s such a beautiful game 🙂

I’m looking forward to the Bounder’s Bounty event, I used to enjoy the pre-expansion server-wide events in eq2.  The eq2 events were a little bit more involved though as you had crafting quests to complete and overland mobs (ranging from solo to raid) to beat – well they were fun at least the first few times so perhaps just cutting out the middle-man as lotro has done (gain tokens just from your normal adventuring activities) is better.

I’m also looking forward to reading more about The Elder Scrolls online.  I had originally dismissed it, thinking why on earth would I want to share my Elder Scrolls gameplay? I don’t even use a follower!   but as more detail is coming out I’m starting to like it.  I don’t mind the sub aspect, the game looks gorgeous, the combat similar-ish to the single player games and it looks ideal to play through either as a pair (me and Dimzad) or possibly as a full group of 4.   The only thing that I really don’t like is that it seems you can only group within a faction – ugh, just ugh.  So irritating – it means we have to get 4 of us to decide on a group of races to play – which means I won’t get to play a wood-elf 😛 hopefully they might change that, for pve at least.


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  1. Oh, Dragonborn! I still need to make time for that.

    And I’m really glad I’m not the only one enthusiastic about the Elder Scrolls Online. Blogs have been so quiet about it. I’m considering playing it as well, although I’m not happy with factions being at war/totally apart from each other. We’ll see how it works out.

  2. eldaeriel says:

    erg sorry have been such a slacker on the blogging front lately 😦

    The more I read about ESO, the more I like what I’m hearing… If they can finally create a good MMO stealth character, well… /faint I’m really trying not to get my hopes up though! grr where’s my beta key!!

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