[minecraft] signage

I just loved these signs my 5 year old made for his latest build: I don’t think it’ll be taken notice of though 😛

Why housing is important

*this post got deleted somehow – reinstating it* … to me at least 🙂  It’s not my primary motivation for playing a game and there doesn’t have to be a housing system in order for me to enjoy or play a game.  I like playing RPGs (whether they are single person or MMOs) for the…

weekly screenshot

It’s a bit quiet in lotro at the moment, we are still running some raids, warbands and some instances.   Mainly for fun.  I’ve also been catching Mallendis up on some deeds.

newbie blogger initiative

It’s back! For the  month of October, over 70 established bloggers will be supporting new bloggers by providing help, advice, feedback and a whole load of traffic to the new sites 🙂  See the NBI blog and the forums for more information. so… why do I blog and why should YOU blog? I started blogging because I…

eq2 heroic character

I was tempted back into EQ2 by the offer of a free heroic character for my account (this offer is until 15th October, general FAQ here).   I decided to use my free heroic upgrade on my existing low level beast-lord and yeah… it’s pretty good 🙂  I got a decent amount of AA points…