eq2 heroic character

I was tempted back into EQ2 by the offer of a free heroic character for my account (this offer is until 15th October, general FAQ here).   I decided to use my free heroic upgrade on my existing low level beast-lord and yeah… it’s pretty good 🙂  I got a decent amount of AA points (using the optional formatted solo player build for now), some very nice gear, a pegasus and I’m trying out the guided hotbar skill population (it sort of weans you in but I’ve not progressed enough to properly work it out).   I have to say, even though they have tried to make it as simple as possible, there is still an awful lot to take in.  I think if you were in a friendly guild though, it wouldn’t take long to get up to speed.

eq2 heroic

You are provided with a small stack of baubles which take you straight to the Great Divide to begin adventuring.  You are vastly overpowered for this zone even though it is on level so it doesn’t matter that you don’t know one end of your skill bar from the other.   It’s strange to be starting there as this is the expansion where we stopped playing and I never got further than the Dwarven city slightly further in.   I still don’t want to either… I’ll probably skip it and go to one of the newer zones.

Although the insta-level 85 is pretty confusing (especially if you aren’t current with the game itself), I think it’s fantastic.  It’s great for alts but it would also be great to get a friend in playing at end game with you (and they’d have the support to get them through).  I hope any MMOs with a high maximum level are watching this closely (yes I’m looking at you lotro :P)  I would suggest to any new players who insta-85 to roll an alt and start at the beginning too – it would make some of the learning curve a littler easier and there is a lot to explore with a lot of very good content at lower levels.

I’m not going to ever play this game seriously again (the game is still good, I’ve just moved on) but I’m enjoying moloing and decorating my guild hall so I am going to spend some regular time back in eq2.

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