the year past and the year to come

A beast of a post – sorry 🙂  So anyways, it’s the usual suspects I’ve played this year…  Lotro, Minecraft, Skyrim with forays into EQ2 and Vanguard.  It will probably be a similar list in 2014 with hopefully the additions of Elder Scrolls Online and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

heroes of dragon ageI’ve recently picked up a new free to play app ‘Heroes of Dragon Age‘ which is surprisingly fun and addictive.  It does rely a little too much on luck with the RNG when opening packs, but that’s nothing new for this type of game.  Of course you can pay real money for a better quality pack, although the game is fairly generous in awarding free gems.  The PvP has potential to be fun, however I’ve stopped as I am bored of continually coming across units which stack stun and aoe characters.  It’s very effective but makes the fight very boring and down to luck.  The quest side of the game is fun though and pretty difficult which is nice.  There isn’t much in-depth play though, you build, develop and choose your squad then hope you’ve got it right.  It’s a shame they didn’t go a little further and add some element of interaction in the actual fights, it could have been a nice turn based rpg.  However, for what it is, I like it.   I’ve started a new game of Dragon Age: Origins again anyway!

Vanguard – I didn’t have much time to play here this year.  However, after reading the lotro producer’s letter, I’m already back and subbed in Vanguard and having a blast, hopefully will find time to write a post soon.  Loving it 🙂

EQ2 – With Dimzad’s help I got my guild to level 30, bought a Guild Hall, got halfway through decorating it, got one character from 90 to 91 (a real slog when premium) and… not much else.  I have popped back in very recently and was amazed by the new Frostfell zone.  Absolutely stunning, see shots below 🙂  The new wintry home premium house is astonishingly beautiful too, and I’m very tempted to buy and decorate one.  I suspect that I will continue popping in to EQ2 next year as well.

Skyrim – I’m still playing on and off.  I haven’t finished the two DLCs yet, so that is on my list of things to do.

Minecraft – I’m still messing about there.  I’ve found a new ruleset to play under.  I usually play on survival veering between peaceful and *cough* easy mode as I like the hunger bar and challenge of gathering but only like the combat in small doses.  Creative is also fun for when I’m in a building mood.  So anyway, if you type /gamerule doMobSpawning false , the monsters do not spawn, animals do and your hunger bar decreases.  Mobs from dungeon spawners will still spawn however (which actually adds a cool element of danger imo).  I’ve been doing a mad build with my littlun which includes a massive castle, a wizards tower, a floating park, a maze and a circus.  We’ve also been playing a bit together on MCPE but we haven’t had much time to do anything cool yet.

So… lotro…  this probably needs an in depth post of its own, which I may or may not write.  So I will just briefly say that with the lack of challenge and the lack of endgame I was already considering other games (quietly hoping Elder Scrolls Online is going to be good).  I’ve now read the producer’s letter, and I have to say I find it extremely difficult to view her statement as positive.    I think it’s going to be best to just take a break from the game and just keep my main character ticking over as and when.  So lotro is relegated to my secondary MMO for now and Vanguard is my main until we have further news on Elder Scroll Online.

So, Elder Scrolls Online.  I have tightly boxed up hopes for this game.  Aside from not getting into beta (pah to not inviting EU peeps yet :P) I am mostly worried about the current seeming focus on PvP and the stupid faction thing.  I would also have liked to have to seen useful player housing, it really has been an integral feature of Elder Scrolls since Daggerfall (excepting Morrowind) so it’s a real shame it’s not there.  Although it is a lack, it isn’t a deal breaker.  Hopefully we will start getting more PvE endgame info soon because if the main focus is PvP then it’s not going to be the game for me long term.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂

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  1. Rakuno says:

    Congratulations on getting your guild in EQ2 to level 30. 🙂

    The leveling up to 92 is indeed a slog. Well, actually it is a slog from 90 to 95 in my experience. Ironically, mentoring and clearing my journal from some old quests gave better XP than the content that my monk was supposed to do. Although I haven’t gotten any of my other characters to the cap after Tears of Veeshan so it might be a little better with the expansion.

    I also loved the changes to the Frostfell Wonderland, might purchase the wintry home too as it is really tempting me. But best of all, for me at least, is that we can finally get all-year crafting tables for the Frostfell stuff! 🙂

    I heard about the… changes in LotRO here and there but didn’t think things were that bad. I guess I will just wait your post on it to get a better picture of things there.

  2. eldaeriel says:

    ty 🙂 hmm yes I will have to try mentoring, I did do a few mentored heroic zones and the xp wasn’t bad at all, but I’ll try the quests as well. It might help if I could face questing in the Icy Divide 😉

    hmm yes lotro – well many people are seeing the producer’s letter as a positive thing, which I found surprising. I think I need a good break from the game before I can be at least somewhat objective – there’s still good things to be had there but I think I’ve just had enough lotro for now 🙂

  3. Arin says:

    Well I would say that I will miss you in Lotro except that I am not playing either for similar reasons 🙂 Currently playing Witcher 2, combat it a bit wth but I am enjoying trying different trousers on Geralt (studded leather current favourite).
    No eu invites for ESO? I created 200 spurious email accounts for nothing then. Open beta must happen at some point though I hope.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      hey arin 🙂 thanks for commenting and saying hi. Yeah… I’m in a strange place with MMOs as a whole at the mo, nothing out there is giving me quite what I want, I’m starting to think I need a good long break 😉

      eu invites – I’ve read in a couple of places now that EU haven’t been included in the beta yet. Pretty surprising really, hopefully the betas will get more inclusive soon – not really that long till it launches…

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