Replaying Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

When this was originally released (back in 2006) I was so excited.  Dimzad was excited.  It had been 4 long years since Morrowind and 10 years since Daggerfall…  We were more than excited really… we bought new PCs so that we could enjoy the sublime graphics and they were well worth it.  That view when you finally got out of the prison and the sewers 😀  So as I am keenly feeling an Elder Scrolls void (which will be filled in April :D), I thought I’d replay Oblivion as I am pretty much Skyrim-ed out for now.

first outside view
first outside view

The graphics are holding up well (aside from the potato faced npcs, I found a mod for that which does improve it) and it is still very pretty and very immersive.  I am finding it far, far easier than I remember first time round, which I guess is just familiarity and experience gained (I levelled up gaming in real life perhaps :P)  Anyway, I decided to level up properly this time and go the efficient levelling route, I even found an app for it.  I’ve given up though, it is just tedious and, for me, robs the fun out of the game, so I’ve gone back to levelling up any-old-how.  I’ll probably stop every so often and level up with STR/END only so I do get some HP / able to carry stuff.  So far, I have ignored the main quest (it’s traditional surely?!), joined the Thieves Guild and am starting to work up their ranks, I’ve been collecting Ayleid Statues for a collector who pays very nicely (the main reason for doing this quest) and improving Dunbarrow Cove (my dlc pirate hideout).

Ayleid ruins are ancient elven ruins.  I just love these – they are full of traps and twists and turns and just really atmospheric.

My aim is to finish the Thieves guild, Mages guild and the Main questlines, fully upgrade Dunbarrow Cove and Frostcrag Spire plus play the DLC for Mehrune’s Razor (I remember this taking a really long time and being really fun) and the Shivering Isles (which I didn’t actually finish on my old playthrough).  I guess that’s enough to be getting with…

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  1. Ocho says:

    You know, I never played Shivering Isles either, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Possibly because I played right before Skyrim’s release (and accidentally burned myself out on TES that I didn’t want to play Skyrim on release), but I DID get Mehrune’s Razor. 🙂

    Try not to leave out my favorite questline, though, the Assassin’s. The ending to that I did NOT see coming.

  2. eldaeriel says:

    I think I never finished Shivering Isles as that was roughly when I first started playing MMOs (EQ2). I remember being totally gobsmacked when I first zoned in though – so much so, I reloaded it, so Dimzad could see it!

    I don’t tend to do the Assassin guild quests, as it never feels right for my character – yes to slaughtering my way through multiple dungeons… yes to thieving stuff… so it’s probably slightly hypocritical – maybe I should this time round 😉

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