Ca’ial Breal and surrounding areas

Whitefawn Retreat was the first place I saw in Vanguard, and I felt at home immediately.  I loved the architecture, which grew more intricate as you travelled from Whitefawn Retreat, through to Shimmerlake Garrison and finally to Ca’ial Breal.  Ca’ial Breal always reminded me of a rustic Lothlórien, multi-levelled with flets and the architecture blending seamlessly with forest outside.  I still get lost there though.  I got a further surprise when I continued through the crafting questline and found Tawar Galan, as it is the most beautiful wood-elf town by the sea.  The elven areas look especially beautiful at night as their light sources glow softly and magically.

Zam Vanguard wiki has this to say about Ca’ial Breal

Deep in the forest surrounded on all sides by mountains live the elves of Kojan. Their city is built by magically altering the growth pattern of trees, and over the course of several decades, they have shaped them into living domiciles. Rivers meander through the base of the city providing a peaceful and serene surrounding that is sure to put the most troubled adventurer at ease. Giant stained glass windows are set into the larger guild halls in the centre of the city. Just up the road at Whitefawn Retreat is where players begin their adventure as a wood elf.

The screenshots below show details of the wood-elf design and a few wider shots.

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