ES Lorebites ~ Nirnroot

As far as I can tell, Nirnroots only appeared in Oblivion and Skyrim (and will be present in The Elder Scrolls Online too).  In both games the amount you collect is tracked under the achievements page, there are quests associated with them and they can be used for alchemy too.  The Elder Scrolls is set on the planet of Nirn, and so this plant was named after the planet.

They are generally found near water and emit a chiming noise, they can also be found in npc houses as potted plants.  The chiming sound is sort of nice but it does produce a strong Pavlovian response to immediately pick it that I haven’t managed to shake yet…  So in that sense it is highly irritating 😛  I am not alone…

I think my obsession with collecting Nirnroots came from the Oblivion quest, where you had to collect 100 of them.  It was a quest that I remember being really hard as they seemed to be so rare.  I still grin when I find one as it feels like an achievement, though I guess it’s not as I’ve since found out that there are 306 in game, (so I’m not sure why I remember this being so rare in Oblivion) and they are plentiful (and regrow) in Skyrim.

Oblivion Nirnroot quest
Skyrim Nirnroot quest
Skyrim Crimson Nirnroot quest

Oblivion Alchemy effects
Skyrim Alchemy effects

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  1. Rakuno says:

    Haha. I am the same way. Oblivion made me a compulsive harvester of Nirnroots! It was so bad that after turning in the nirnroots for those quests I didn’t want to use the rewarded potions as I didn’t want to waste something that gave so much work on something trivial.

    On Skyrim I don’t even use them for alchemy as I keep thinking they are hard to get and must save them for something special. I didn’t know they regrow though so I guess I should start using them! The crimson Nirnroots however I will just keep packing away since those still are a pain to get!

  2. djpimpdaddy says:

    I still to this day horde alchemy ingredients thinking I will “get into crafting potions”, and in the end just OP my way through the game as a stealthy dagger assassin. The most I end up making is poison for the kills lol.
    I was the same way about the reward potions from the Oblivion quest too! Too funny.

  3. eldaeriel says:

    hahaha not just me then – phew 😉 yep another hoarder of nirnroots here…

    maybe we need a group… Nirnroot Collectors Anonymous or a splinter group of Collectors of Nirnroots Anonymous 😛

  4. C. T. Murphy says:

    I always hated that chime. I never got into alchemy either, so my pavlovian response was to run away before I yell.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      Ha! A far more sensible approach 😀

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