panoramic screenshots

I’ve been messing around with Hugin and trying to create some panoramic screenshots.  I think I still need to finetune the process but it’s fun.   As ever, click for full size images 😉

Lotro: Aldburg, outside the Mead Hall
Lotro:  Aldburg crossroads
Lotro: Aldburg crossroads
Lotro: Outside Aldburg gates
Lotro: Outside Aldburg gates
Skyrim: Dawnstar
Skyrim: Dawnstar
Vanguard: Kojan coast
Vanguard: Kojan coast
Vanguard: Whitefawn Retreat
Vanguard: Whitefawn Retreat

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  1. Your panorama shots look amazing, what is Hugin?

    1. eldaeriel says:

      Thank you! Hugin is a free panoramic stitcher program, I’ll post up the settings I use soon as it took a fair bit of trial, error and googling to get good results. I expect they could be tweaked further too 🙂

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