ES Lorebites ~ Birthsigns and Stones

In Morrowind and Oblivion you choose one of 13 birthsigns (each corresponding to a constellation) for your character which give bonuses to either attributes or magicka or give a unique ability.  These are a permanent unchangeable effect.

For Skyrim, the birthsign system was changed to Standing Stones which represent one of the 13 constellations (which gave a variety of effects) and you are able to change the governing effect by using a new Standing Stone.

In the Elder Scrolls Online, there are Mundus Stones which give a variety of different buffs, again corresponding with the original birthsigns / constellations.  Again, you are able to change the buff by choosing a new Mundus Stone.

The 13 birthsigns / constellations are:

  • The Apprentice
  • The Atronach
  • The Lady
  • The Lord
  • The Lover
  • The Mage
  • The Ritual
  • The Serpent
  • The Shadow
  • The Steed
  • The Thief
  • The Tower
  • The Warrior



3 Comments Add yours

  1. oooo, I love the detail there – that’s an amazing addition I’d love to see replicated in GW2.

  2. eldaeriel says:

    yeah i love the buff idea – plus being able to change it! oh not long to go till early access now… 😀

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