Landmark (is fun!)

Well I caved and got myself into EQ Landmark beta and I am really, really glad I did.  The introduction was fabulous, I truly hope other game studios are looking at the openness, enthusiasm and level of interaction from SOE, it is truly refreshing (and the enthusiasm is contagious!)  The graphics are very nice (a little cartoony but nice all the same), the client is running ok on my computer although I am getting some terrible lag in places.  I’m not sure if it’s a RAM or NVIDIA card problem at the moment.   The client has not been optimised as yet and the card problem is known, so I’m sure gameplay will improve as time goes on (and it is still playable)



I’ve found the steepest learning curve to be remembering which set of resources can be found on which tier island.  The basic building tools are very easy to get to grips with, I won’t be attempting anything fancy until I’ve watched videos though.  I was pretty impressed that I managed to start building without having to resort to watching videos / reading guides – it’s a good sign if you can start without having to do too much research.

So I’ve staked 3 claims next to each other on Brook, Understanding server.  It’s a lovely hillside which is just missing a stream (I hear bodies of water will be coming in a later build).  I’m concentrating on getting tools and crafting stations for now, but I’m looking forward to building 🙂

I’m really looking forward to getting into this game, it’s going to be a nice foil to The Elder Scrolls Online (I need more gaming time :P)

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