Landmark: a basic build

I am very much distracted by Elder Scrolls Online right now, however I have been dipping into Landmark when I’m in the mood.  I’m quite pleased with my latest build, basic as it is.  I have had a few different claims which didn’t go so well, I think I just started too big and should have watched some of the many amazing tutorials out there.  So I restricted myself to 1 claim, basic materials (stone, wood, dirt, iron, plants mostly) and erm square-ish building 😀

I really like it and I like that you can build something like this with very little talent (that’s me), time and materials.  The props (furniture items) are amazing though (as you would expect from the EQ team).

Next step is watching the previously mentioned tutorials (especially ones on rooves… and round things…)

I’m not sure what I’m going to make of the game once you have to go caving and digging for ore and the combat system is brought in.  The harvesting takes a fair amount of time as it is and the tool/station upgrades seem endless – that feeling will certainly be exacerbated.  It will be interesting to see how the game develops.

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