Landmark: evolving builds

I’m not really much of a planner when it comes to building, I like things to evolve naturally.  I would probably be a far better builder if I did at least sketch out an idea first.   I thought though, it would be interesting to see the evolution of my building so far…  I ought to point out that I am just a run of the mill builder, no voxelmancy here I’m afraid 😉

very first attempt – got nowhere near finishing.


my second proper attempt with a rubbish but functional roof.  To start getting to grips with Landmark, I decided that I had to learn to walk before I could run and so I made a very sweet and square beachside house, complete with workshop and bbq area.


my third attempt – loved it, especially the garden, but from the side it sort of looked like a ferry… and I couldn’t take it seriously after that.  Here I started using some actual techniques (mainly curves for the rooves and windows)

img_20140523-22-21-21 img_20140523-22-20-38

Finally, my current build which has used elements from the previous build and includes some furniture using the micro voxel technique.  I still have absolutely no idea which style this belongs to – probably none…  However, it did start to remind me of the gorgeous architecture of Santorini so I added the octagonal domed folly to the top, some more aquamarine trim and some er floaty balls.  I love the colours of this though – cool white and aquamarine on the outside, warm yellow lighting and warm wood floors with white and aqua highlights on the inside.  It is still quite square though.


What’s next?  Well I shall probably keep tweaking this build (I have an icy basement which looks straight out to sea to work on) but as it is only 1 claim, I think I might put down a 2nd claim, choose a forested area and work on something maybe a little more elvish inspired.  (if you don’t see a post you’ll know it ended up like my ‘elvish designs’ in Minecraft – more gulag than rivendell 😛 )

If anyone would like to visit, search Eldae (the full title is Eldae’s Icy Retreat) on the showcase and port straight there.  It’s located on the North Coast, Timber, Understanding (EU).




5 Comments Add yours

  1. j3w3l says:

    That looks amazing, beautiful work and I’d so love to live there

  2. eldaeriel says:

    thank you – about the best compliment I could have! yeah I’m pretty jealous of my character myself, especially now they have the ocean wave sounds in 😉

  3. Rakuno says:

    That is some pretty cool looking stuff! 🙂 (No pun intended!)

    As for the style of the last picture, I’d say it is a Modern style, except for the domed folly on the top. That is the only thing that doesn’t fit it. The rest looks very Modern-ish for me. But that is from the eyes of someone whose only understanding of architecture is from dabbling in ( building houses in The Sims 3 (or trying to!) and in Everquest 2. So maybe I am wrong about it! 🙂

    1. eldaeriel says:

      thanks Rakuno 🙂 yeah I guess it is modern, and I’m now wondering about the domed folly – I really like it but am not sure it’s working 😉 I’ll leave it there while I think. Either that or maybe the wooden detailing on the front needs to be changed to aquamarine… hmm – I might experiment!

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