a soloing life for me?


So my MMO plans are currently up in the air.  Sort of.  We’ve been doing ESO group dungeons with our RL friends and have been levelling up rather slowly due to Dimzad’s work commitments.  Given that a lot of the systems are still yet to be introduced (c’mon thieves guild!) and others are still being appraised and revamped (VR levels, provisioning) it’s also quite handy.  However, our friends have decided to unsub from ESO and I think are returning to Lotro.  On top of that, I’m not sure if Dimzad is going to return.  He may, it is partly work and partly he’s wondering if he’s outgrown MMOs.

I still really like the game and want to play though.  So I will… I’ve found a new nice guild although they seem to be mainly Ebonheart Pact faction based which means a main char switch for me plus the possible nightmare of having 2 mains (VR content twice??).  Who do I do my achievements on?   I can’t let go that easily of my Bosmer nightblade! Or I could accept the fact that I’m not going to be grouping with my boyfriend / friends and just treat it as a solo MMO.


I suppose there is the possibility of returning to Lotro.  I do intend to solo through the U14 content.  However, it is literally just the IP pulling me back.  Lotro will not return to being my main MMO for two reasons:  firstly, they are not developing any new group or raid content.  Which completely takes away any point in investing in my character – she has nothing to strive for.   Secondly, Dimzad will not play the new style Runekeeper – it doesn’t in any way resemble the class he used to play.

Well it is nearly the 6 weeks school holidays as well, so as playtime will be drastically reduced, I think I’ll just carry on as I am (noodling with alts, maybe some pvp with my sorc) and see where we are when the days are shorter and cooler 🙂

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  1. baldwinp says:

    I’ve spent almost all of my time in ESO playing solo and it has a lot of merit. I think the story line makes a lot more sense if you are by yourself instead of all the NPCs addressing you like you are the only one there even though you’ve been doing all the content with a group. At the same time, when you actually get over to the mobs/dungeon that you have to clear, there is usually at least one other person running the same content that you can informally group with while not feeling like you are bound to follow him/her around everywhere.

    Your take on choosing between ESO and Lotro is interesting because I am subbed to both as well, but I actually find myself spending more time in Lotro most nights. I think its because everything in ESO is new and uncharted and so it takes me a lot of time to comb through all the areas to make sure I’m not missing any quests/shards/mats/chests. I was also not looking forward to the VR grind and am pleased to hear about the coming changes, which should roll out right around the time I make it to lvl 50 on my main. Lotro, on the other hand, is familiar and I can just mindlessly chill out running the PvMP dailies while catching up on the web and playing hearthstone. I find when I’m playing ESO it requires my full attention.

  2. eldaeriel says:

    That’s a really good point actually, when I was playing lotro I used to listen to podcasts / do other stuff while playing and I can’t do that with ESO. Even using voice chat, I have to think a bit more. I guess it shows the immersiveness of ESO.

    Yeah I’ll think be happy soloing for the next while, like you say you can solo a lot of it very easily.

    thanks for commenting 🙂

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