My gaming history (it actually is historical :P)


so day 7 of blaugust

I’m really enjoying it so far, only had one bad day where I was happy enough blogging but had my head stuck on a subject-not-to-be-blogged about.  I’m finding late afternoons to be a really good time for me.  Naturally I’m a night owl so I guess creativity later on in the day isn’t surprising.  One thing I have been finding refreshing is not having too much time to think or proof read.  I have a stack of draft posts that never got published because I either over thought them or proof read them too many times and decided they were completely stupid…

image nicked from wikipedia here:

early gaming:

well my childhood was in the 70s so I grew up pretty much without technology (I’m 42).  No telephone even and 3 channels on the telly 😛 In the late 70s (I think) my Grandad got Pong for us grandkids to play, which we absolutely loved.   My first computer experiences though, were in the very early 1980s with the ZX81 (school technology lessons – hahaha!) and a BBC computer which belonged to my mum’s friend.  I remember playing a very early rpg in which I had to guide myself (a tiny black square) past some enemies via text commands (I failed miserably).   The only computer gaming I had during the 80s was either round a friend’s house (she had an commodore 64c!) or playing arcade games on holiday.  I don’t have fond memories of gaming at this time, it was largely irrelevant to me as I had very little access to it.

Around 1990 though I got my Sega Megadrive, after being urged to do so by my then boyfriend (I didn’t accidentally wipe his nearly complete playthrough on Rings of Power… no, no, I really didn’t *cough*).   I remember my favourite games being Sonic, Fantasia and Gauntlet (yes even then I played the elven archer!).  I played one of my first world building games – Populous, there was something really hypnotic about it, I think they may be working on a tablet version.   I played my first RPGs,  Rings of Power (oh how I loved this game – I even drew maps for it!) and Sword of Vermilion (loved this so much I played it through twice :P).  For a bit of variation I also really loved playing one of the NHL Ice Hockey games (I mainly played for the punchups) and Road Rash – street motorcycle races which also involved hitting the other competitors off their bikes.  I didn’t get on so much with the platform style games – even though I loved Sonic, I was pretty useless at it.

I had met Dimzad by this point (we’re around 1998 now) and he had a PC…  I was still a poor undergraduate and I remember Dimzad lent me his PC for my final year, ostensibly for my dissertation, but I remember also playing a lot of Daggerfall.  My housemate was also playing it and I remember we had a lot of fun talking about various different choices and places we had gone too.  I also remember being highly amused by the fact that when he took his female character into town, he changed her into a dress 🙂  Mine just used to stomp about in her armour – stereotypes eh?  I played Baldur’s Gate II: Shadow of Amn shortly after and Icewind Dale and I think Ultima 7, Morrowind and Oblivion were played later on too.  I also went back to the console (playstation now) and played a few of the Final Fantasy series (I think 7 is the one that I remember most fondly), Suikoden, Kingdom Hearts, Wild Arms, Parappa the Rapper (don’t get cocky it’s gonna get rocky!) and few more that I can’t quite remember.   I remember these games though as providing a really immersive world, something I’d seen a hint of with Rings of Power and Sword of Vermilion.

Up until now (we’re up to 2006) gaming had mostly been the thing I did when I didn’t have anything else to do.  My teens and twenties were more taken up with pubbing, clubbing and gigging than gaming. Even so, I did have a few obsessive periods and long gaming sessions though.  By now though I’d was in my mid-30s and couldn’t really keep up the social pace, so gaming began to take more of a front seat (even more so after I had the littlun and my social life was curtailed severely :)).  I had also completely ignored co-operative and online play – I honestly could not see why you would want to share your game experience with tons of other people that you didn’t know.  My sister though had been playing Everquest II and finally persuaded me to give it a go.  So I did and in 2009 I started blogging about it 🙂



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  1. I had a TimexSinclair 1000, the US version of the ZX81 way back in 1983. But literally a month later I came into some money and bought an Apple II, thus determining my fate. So the ZX81 barely figures in my history, being just a footnote. Somewhere I think I have a picture of it hooked up to a portable TV and a cassette player, looking very much like the picture you have there.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      I just remember being totally bemused by it all, I think I’d seen it on the news and was aware it was the next big thing but when I was face to face with it, I had no idea what to do or even why you would want it to do the things it could do. Even the BBC computer, I wasn’t sure why you’d need one – for an 11 year old (as I was) it was pretty underwhelming.

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