questing and the vile manse

Day 14 of Blaugust

So I’ve been levelling my Nightblade like crazy (well as and when I can but she’s gone up 6 levels since I last posted).  I rocketed through Malabal Tor and managed to get all the questing and exploration achievements.  I zoned into Reaper’s March and started questing away.  I soon got distracted by the public dungeon.  This one is known as The Vile Manse and I loved it immediately.  You start off in a mansion and have to find the key to the cellar, once in the cellar you find a book connected to the dreaded Hermaeus Mora.  In all my years playing The Elder Scrolls series, I have never done so many daedric quests than I have since I’ve been playing ESO.  There’s something about an MMO which makes quests less optional…

Anyway, I have to admit I skipped through the quest text as there was a group of people charging through and I figured I’d have a much better chance tagging along.  So I did and that was a lot of fun.  The cellar was full of tight corridors and dead ends and rooms – a brighter Nektulous Castle.  The ad-hoc group did go their own ways though, so in the next area (a massive cavern) I ended up waiting for another person to help me kill a named and grab the skyshard behind him.  I then lost this person again, just about managing to kill the groups of 5 or 6 by the skin of my teeth.  I finally came to the quest baddy and as I had no soul gems, decided not to Leeeroy him.  Luckily the skyshard person was coming along and we took him out together.  I got a trophy which does the talking-to-scary-daedra emote.  I do like dungeons which are multi-layered and give you the sense of having entered a whole new area.

I then went and did a quest where I was finally reunited with Razum Dar, though it wasn’t for long. The best thing about this quest was getting through the traps, it still wasn’t corridor of swinging sharp blades, but it was pretty hectic and fun all the same.  Electricity, Spikes or Fire?  not quite cake or death? 😛


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  1. pkudude99 says:

    I quite enjoyed Vile Manse too. While up in the dungeon area underneath the cellar I was usually with a group of people, but when the quest made you drop down, everyone else scattered. I could solo the groups by the skin of my teeth, as with you.

    Final boss looked like a caster to me, so I equipped my “reflects back to the caster” spell and kept that up as much as possible. Between that and the periodic interludes where the boss and I both stopped fighting and grabbed our heads instead which let my resources refill mid-fight without taking any damage…… it was a fun fight to solo.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      ah yeah I would have tried if I’d had any soul gems, but as I didn’t have any soul gems, I really didn’t want to risk having to start all over again 🙂 Which reflect spell is that by the way?

      1. pkudude99 says:

        Base skill is called “Eclipse” and I use the Unstable Core morph of it.

        I’m a templar, not a NB. TBh, I’m not sure if NB’s have any kind of reflect — I think it’s just DK’s and Temps that do.

      2. eldaeriel says:

        oh cool – I’ll keep that in mind for my alt templar 🙂 I thought I’d better check in case I was missing something obvious on my nightblade! thanks 🙂

  2. pkudude99 says:

    Well if you want to read some of my own misadventures and also me describing playing as a DK pyro wizard, dual-wielding melee sorcerer, caster sorcerer, or my current templar………. A smattering of mentions of a mid-20’s nightblade healer I’ve got and a low-20’s nightblade tank I’m working on too.

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