My top ten dungeons #7 (Miragul’s Phylactery: Scion of Ice)

Post 15 of Blaugust (halfway through!)

I used to really enjoy this dungeon.  It was an icy zone and the colours were gorgeous.  It was one of those dungeons where, during the first few months, it was easily conquered so long as you kept up your concentration.  I really liked the operatic valkyries as they sang as they attacked you, I didn’t really want to kill them but there was no choice.  Twin Sphinxes, one of which needed to mezzed or kept out of the fight while the other was taken down and they could still cause trouble even when you had the fight down.  A giant Hand to spawn which caused all sorts of Hand puns (oh he looks handy etc etc) *every single time we ran it*.

A room with a lootable chair (house item) which sparked this scenario:

eq2 job

and the final boss was really fun.  He was rooted and every so often he did a massive aoe which caused more damage (enough to kill you) the further away you were.  So we all had to pile on top of him.  Oh yes, just before he did his aoe he had a massive knockback 😛  We died quite a few times on this fight, he had quite a lot of health and it was challenging burning him down while you were being punted about all over the place.  Fun times though 🙂

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  1. Rakuno says:

    Am I noticing a pattern or all your favorite dungeons from Everquest 2 were from The Shadow Oddyssey expansion? 🙂

    Anyway, first time I did that one it was… complicated and a sign of things to come throughout that expansion. It was with a group different than my usual one (which always makes me more self-conscious and nervous to make mistakes). I was tanking with my Shadow Knight and while usually I hadn’t any trouble with dungeons, with that one there was a lot of spike damage due to the new ability of mobs to do criticals. Mix that with the traps that we found out about while we went along, figuring out the boss fights and so on and it took longer than usual to finish that dungeon. By the end of it I wasn’t feeling all that good about tanking perfomance. Worse is that was supposed to be one of the *easiest* dungeons for that expansion.

    After I got my shard armor set though that dungeon wasn’t so bad, and still has some interesting fights. I even made a bit of collection of that looted chair since I am a decorator and you never know when you will need one of those! :p

    1. eldaeriel says:

      haha yes it would seem so, so far! Those 3 instances are the last of the TSO expansion anyway – and there will even be a couple of non-eq2 dungeons! (shock horror :D) It was hard choosing actually, there were so many I could easily have put in instead…

      Yeah I remember the huge gear gulf with this expansion, we did die a lot at first. I remember more though, the fun of going through and working out the strats needed. Was a strange old expansion in many ways – the raid zones were very unforgiving and they always had a couple of heroic zones which were pretty much undoable unless you had raid gear if I remember correctly. I liked the progression and tiered difficulty though.

  2. pkudude99 says:

    I loved the Phylactery too! But I’ve been away from EQ2 long enough that any time I try to go back I have to redo my AA’s yet again, can’t remember my skills or what they do or why I’d want to add AA’s on them, and after an hour or so I just give up and walk away again. Which makes me kinda sad at times — I played EQ2 more or less exclusively for 6 years and had 14 alts, and I knew each of them intimately. The skills, the strategies, the various ways to build depending on what you wanted to do with a character, etc. but now, I feel like an idiot child whenever I try to play. It’s hard to go home, I guess.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      I think I started by choosing the preset adventurer spec, realised that wasn’t too good so hunted down someone else’s AA spec they were a) kind enough to share and b) I had some memory of the icons…

      It is offputting though – the AAs have changed so much since I was playing and levelling to 95 is such a slog, especially if you are f2p… If you can battle through that though, grabbing a merc and moloing old zones you used to struggle with as a group or raid is quite fun. I couldn’t believe I moloed WoE, I thought the boss mechanics were going to be too difficult to do but to be honest my merc just killed him!

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