my top ten dungeons #6 (Dargnákh Unleashed)

Day 17 of Blaugust

So the chain of EQ2 dungeons has been broken, there are more to come though 😉  I may have to revisit this in a year or so, as there are some excellent dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online including one I haven’t done yet which is apparently very much in the style of old school dungeons.  But I digress…

This dungeon was released during Rise of Isengard and is a 3 man instance.  It is set in the grounds and underneath the tower and tells the story of an escaped troll wreaking havoc.  The fights and storyline are quite fun – as you zone in you come across where the troll is escaping and he shmooshes the orcs supposed to be guarding him.  He stop and roars a bit which the first time was quite impressive, subsequent runs made us giggle as we used to shout matt damon (team america style) along with him.  Why?  I really don’t know but it was really funny 🙂

You move through to another room, following a path parallel to the troll, and find the troll fighting orcs in a pit.  Surrounding the pit are some handy ballistae.  Aeo used to tank the adds which appear, Dimzad was on healing duty and I had the very fun job of running over beams collecting arrows and firing the ballista at the troll.  Once the troll was damaged enough he ran off to the next area.  The next fight was a fairly run of the mill tank and spank, don’t stand in the stupid fight.  It was still a fairly tough fight, if you didn’t pot / get out of the way quick enough.

The troll then moves on to the kitchens.  Here you have to kill orc chefs and nick their buckets of slop, while Aeo and Dimzad dealt with the adds I ran the slop to tents which Dargnákh then kindly knocked down for you, clearing a path to the next area.

The final fight was always one where I felt really nervous beforehand.  Why I don’t know, because my job as a hunter was to… do nothing.  absolutely nothing…  For T2 challenge, the troll had to be killed by collapsing the ceiling, there were supports in each corner of the room and the troll had to be tanked there until the ceiling collapsed.  So there was no point in dpsing him, all I would have done is pull aggro (lots of stuns) and messed it up.  So I used to just shout out the aoe timers etc and cheer Dimzad and Aeo on 🙂  It took us quite a few tries and we were thinking we weren’t going to be able to do it but we did 🙂  We actually did the achievements in reverse order for some reason.

At the end the troll dies by the light that comes pouring in through the collapsed ceiling.

DU challenge



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