Adventuring through Reaper’s March

post 18 of blaugust

I’m pretty pleased with my levelling on my Nightblade, all that messing around in the early levels and the early group instances means I should be getting into Coldharbour at around level 46 (alts have been bang on level 43), which means that I should get into the Veteran Ranks before I finish the main story and Coldharbour 🙂  No grinding for me 🙂

I was ridiculously pleased to bump into this guy (if you played Skyrim you’ll probably recognise him),

it was a very short encounter and he helped me out with a daedric artefact which was twisting spells in the area.

I also really enjoyed walking the Moonlit path with the prospective Mane.  There were some beautiful areas to traverse through including the demi-plane of Jode.  I am getting a bit fed up with choosing who has to die – I wish some of them would accidentally fall off a cliff or I dunno… maybe die in battle… I mean honestly, given all the fighting it really wouldn’t be out of place – I’m starting to think npcs are going to run away when they see me – oh noes here comes Eldae, cake or death? she asks… and its always death…

*ahem* mini rant over, here are some shots

I also popped into City of Ash, didn’t have time to finish it but it is stunning – absolutely beautiful.  And I’m also nearly an Arena Champion.  Why I’m doing this I don’t know, it’s not something I’m particularly interested in – however I must complete all the things.

I’ve also managed to complete all the delves, dolmens and world bosses in the Aldmeri Dominion.  The last dolmen was fun as I duoed it with another character – how we survived I’m not sure, but we were pretty pleased with ourselves after 🙂

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Heh, I think I’ve got pretty much all those same screenshots. Loved the demi-plane of Jode!

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