post 23 of blaugust

We try not to have too many of one type of item on show in our house as we are ever vigilant of the dangers this brings…  My Nan mentioned once (seriously once) that she liked elephants, she ended up with over 50 of ‘the bloody things’ (to quote her exactly).  My Nan was from the East End and was absolutely hilarious and mildly foul mouthed – she once saw off a mugger by whacking him repeatedly with her handbag and I really wish I’d been there when she told a flasher that he’d need more than that to scare her – her and her bingo friends then cackled loudly at him 😀

anyway…  we do collect some gaming / movie / etc memorabilia and thought I’d show some favourites.

First up, is the Starbug from Red Dwarf.  We got this with a dvd set (poss even video…) a while back and generally sits on a frame above a door.  Next, is Eldaeriel Tauriel and her rather gorgeous bow and quiver, I had bought Dimzad a Thorin Oakenshield figure for his birthday and the Gandalf one for our littlun so I decided not to be left out and got her for myself.  Our Sherlock Holmes poster is from Spineless Classics and the entire text of the novel is transformed into an appropriate image.  I love this map, I got it by donating to Lotro Players and then Dimzad had it framed for me.  The final item is a bottle of wine, a erm gift from the dwarves of Moria (ok it was Dimzad :P)

We do have a few more bits and bobs kicking around the place or decorating Dimzad’s office and I do like having them around 🙂

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  1. Simcha says:

    Aww lovely idea! I have collections of items I’ve picked up from my travel abroad.. they are all in my living room. A sci-fi/fantasy collection would be cool… however I agree with you, have to be careful what I’ll show!

    1. eldaeriel says:

      yes there is a danger of either living in a gift shop or people thinking oh, she likes Daleks doesn’t she? and buying you a dalek for your birthday… for the rest of your life… hahaha 🙂

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