my top ten dungeons #4 (Nektropos Castle)

Oh this dungeon brings back memories 🙂  I don’t think I want to count the number of times I have been in here…  It was a dungeon which was always relevant because it had a number of heritage quests associated with it, and I think one of the signature quests required you to go back too.  They did two further versions of it, scaled up to higher levels and I remember one of those being a complete nightmare…

Anyway, it is another zone which feels massive, has both indoor and outdoor areas and has a crazy chain of access quests so that you can access each part of the dungeon.  I remember spending a whole Sunday afternoon with Aeo and some randoms, chasing Billy and waiting for spawns (it was an instance where there was at least one camp :O the stables? billy?)  It was full of dark, tight, twisty corridors and rooms with mobs with horrible pathing.  It was great though…  mostly because it was difficult, it did take a long time – you really did feel like you had achieved something when you finally completed all the access quests.  I have to admit, I outlevelled it before I completed them but I was still very much ‘yay I did it! at long last :D’

oh and billy was awesome :P, I was very happy when I got the 4 year vet reward.

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  1. Nek Castle is another one from back in the day that I really remember. As you note, it was a convergence of heritage quests, and you couldn’t wrap them all up in one visit. That place had some atmosphere. I remember a number of runs through Nek Castle, including one of those all day and into the late night, everything goes wrong, the guy who knows the whole thing says he needs to use the bathroom and then goes to bed requiring somebody else in the group who is a neighbor to go over and ask his mom to wake him up, is this really happening, events.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      haha yes, we’ve had our tank go off and fall asleep before… and Dimzad fell asleep at the keyboard once too – I do remember sometimes being in those instances so long, your eyes felt like sandpaper…

  2. bhagpusss says:

    Nek Castle broke my PC and my willpower. It was one of the key factors in my decision to quit EQ2 and go back to EQ. Our guild ran it regularly in the first few months. Mrs Bhagpuss was playing a Templar and main healing and I was also playing a Templar, the dullest class imaginable anyway but even duller when you a) are a few levels below the other Templar and are relegated to back-up heal duty and b) are lagging out so badly you can barely move.

    The lag and disconnects turned out to be an overheating issue that I fixed and the abominable gameplay was a class issue which was fixed by never playing a freaking Templar ever again, EVER! The damage was done, though.

    When we returned to EQ2 post-Hartsman we ran Nek Castle often, both in a group and later, mentored down, as a duo. Once I was able to appreciate it I realized it was a great dungeon. One of my favorites anywhere.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      I rolled a templar… and quickly betrayed her to an Inquisitor… really glad I did, the inq is a really fun class 🙂

      yeah I didn’t start playing till 2006 so always played post-Hartsman i guess (I seem to remember that there was an update before I started where things drastically changed… no corpse dragging etc)

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