my top ten dungeons #3 (Inn of the Forsaken)

post 26 of Blaugust

The Forsaken Inn is a scalable 3 person instance in Lotro.  This dungeon is either love or hate I think, because of all the traps.  I love it because it channels the Goonies and also because I like playing a sneaky type rogueish character and it has a lot of traps to disarm or avoid.  Dungeon heaven for me 🙂

The story is quite interesting as well.  You receive a letter from the owner of the Forsaken Inn, complaining of hearing noises and disturbances under the Inn and he asks if you will come and investigate.  In the lower rooms, you find a bookcase which opens up to a secret passageway.  As you travel down you meet an NPC who asks to tag along and he gives you helpful advice.   There is a very nice touch in that, for this dungeon, Lotro’s 9 classes are grouped into Brawn, Lore or Aware classes.  Brawn classes can smash down walls, Lore classes read runes and can use incantation stones, Aware classes can disarm traps.  There is a deed to collect pages from a journal which needs all 3 types to gain access to all the pages.  There are also riddle doors which are quite fun.  The door poses a riddle and you have to perform the correct emote in order to open the door.  There is a deed associated with this (83 riddles!!)  One of the riddles is:

I say much I have no mouth,
Bringing words of hatred or love to those that I meet.
Children are scolded for letting me take hold,
But all shall succumb whether young or old.

answer = /stare

As you carry on through the dungeon, the npc betrays you and attempts to steal the treasure, however he is killed by a trap (rockfall), leaving you to continue on your own.  After another heavily trapped area, you finally come to an dead end.  When you activate the plate mechanism, the floor falls away and you have an amazing water ride down to the final boss.  This happens to be an enormous cavern with a pirate ship.  The final fight was challenging on T2C but really fun to do.  I think this instance may have been designed by the DDO team, so it was really fun to do an instance which contained different challenges to what we were normally used to.  Dimzad HATED this dungeon 🙂

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