Birthday #3

post 27 of blaugust

So today is my birthday and so far I’ve had a lovely day.  I got some fab pressies, a very cool Adventure Time tin, pencil and eraser set from my little boy.  Dimzad got me a very cool gaming mouse, the most gorgeous cloth-bound set of The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings that I’ve ever seen and a cool crochet amigurumi home furnishings book 🙂


I got to play some ESO, while the littlun watched the Lego movie next to me.   Was slightly jolting to be fighting through Molag Bal’s fortress with Everything is Awesome blaring in the background:P

Also played some swtor with the littlun which was fun.   He was so excited to meet T7-01, and was basically treating him like a puppy :). He took the temporary separation well and is determined to carry on questing to get him back.  He is starting to get smoother and faster with the controls which is great and I also suspect the devs would love to see a video of him getting excited over trash loot 😛

I have a takeaway and film to look forward to later as well.  It’s a good day 🙂

Actually, do any of you have any build advice for Swtor?  I suspect that we will mostly be pve questing so it probably isn’t going to make much difference but we might end up trying out other stuff.  He’s playing a Jedi Knight and as I suspect the robot will always be his companion, was thinking of choosing the more dps-y route for him rather than tanky…. but I’ll let him choose 😉 I’m playing a Jedi Consular and am tempted by the Shadow + healing companion but think the Sage with a dps companion might be a better option (I will need to be able to keep us alive, while he re-targets, gets in range etc).  I could also switch in a completely different class when we get to Coruscant if there is a better duo with Jedi Knight…  Any thoughts?

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  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Happy birthdaaaay 🙂 love your prezzies. I dont habe any specs for you but you could always check for some basics 🙂

    1. eldaeriel says:

      Thank you :). Will check that site out 🙂

  2. Izlain says:


  3. Rakuno says:

    Happy Birthday! 🙂

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