my top ten dungeons #2 (Veeshan’s Peak)

post 28 of blaugust

Veeshan’s Peak is a raid zone in EQ2, designed for 24 people.  It was released part way through the Rise of Kunark (alongside the epic and mythical class weapon quests).  I had initially thought that I wouldn’t ever see this zone or get my mythical weapon.  I was wrong on both counts, I ended up getting my myths for Suzita and Saraya and I ended up spending a lot of time in this zone both as endgame raiding and in later expansions when I organised the access quests and mythical quests for our guild.

This raid zone is huge.  Seriously huge, possibly the biggest instanced zone I have ever been in.  It doesn’t rely on tricksy terrain to make the zone feel bigger, it just simply is vast.  I don’t know if this will give you any sense of the scale but the picture of the sleeping dragon (xygoz) is on the top left of the map.  I should add that the composite map was drawn by Kalyyn (a guildie) who used MSPaint to show the maps from eq2maps all together.

When I was raiding this, it was a tough zone but mostly do-able with a full (and mentally present) raid.  If you could kill the raid mobs needed for the access quests, you would generally do OK although we did have some nights where it just didn’t come together and we had to try again another.  Luckily the zone is persistent which meant you could take a few evenings.  I seem to remember even with the persistent nature of the zone, we tended to do one wing or part wing per week, which could still take 2 to 3 evenings.  This is quite a few years ago now, so I may be remembering wrongly 🙂

The trash mobs were tough, hit like a ton of bricks and had a ridiculous amount of HP.  Some of them also had interrupts (drakes…) and knockbacks (possibly all of them), which was fine on my ranger but later raids with my inquisitor (healing for a change) were a nightmare.  So I guess I have fond memories of this zone because it was the first proper end-game raiding I did, it was massive and there be dragons…

There were some fun fights and scenarios too.  The sleeping dragon was having a nightmare about not wearing any pants and the other dragons were teasing him.

Hoshkar was on an island in the middle of a lava pool, the tank and a couple of healers used to fight him on this island, the rest of us fought him from a rock which floated round the island.

Taskmaster Nichok was hilarious (was a tough fight even so) because every so often he used to transport the whole raid to his island.  When the cue came from him, everyone had to turn and run northwest so that when you were ported, we all ended up back in the same place.  The cry of RUN NORTHWEST RUN NORTHWEST will forever stay with me 🙂

There was a crazy fight with Nexona, where the dps had to be kept within two figures – something like 10k and 19k otherwise nasty things happened.  The wiki strat differs slightly but I think the raid has probably been adjusted since.  So the raid force was split with one to two groups ish tanking and dpsing nexona while the rest of the raid, clicked shinies and killed the adds.  There were also drakes to be perma-mezzed.

There were some pretty intricate strats in here.

So I have a lot of good memories here.  Firstly, fighting in my raid alliance, getting myth update and finally my myth.  Secondly, going through at a later date with my guildies when it was still a bit of a challenge for us (it was still green and the most we managed to get together was 3 groups).  It was a very different atmosphere as we were being silly and just having fun.

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