too many games

After having a pretty much complete break from gaming for the last few weeks (flu virus thing), I’m in the strange position of wanting to play too many different games but being completely out of the habit…  It’s been quite nice curled up on the sofa watching Dexter with Dimzad and having JiJi (kitten) curled up on me.  JiJi is perfect for watching tv with but a complete nightmare with gaming (he’s either attacking the screen or walking over the keyboard or just laying there in such a way that I can’t move my hands :P)  So anyway, these are the games I want to be playing:

Littlun bought this after saving up with his pocket money and it is a lot of fun.  I’m currently building an Octopod for him which is a complete nightmare but actually really quite fun.  I think this game may be a little too old for him, as it doesn’t have a creative mode and so you can’t switch between survival and creative mode depending on what you want to do.  It’s quite grindy too which isn’t the best for a 6 year old’s attention span.

Elder Scrolls Online:
This is still my main MMO.  I still absolutely love it.  I have never been so immersed in a MMO setting before.  The social side has been improved immensely by joining a busy guild although it is strange as although you can feel completely alone, as soon as you get near a group task (dolmen, delve etc), 80% of the time people just appear.  The other 20% is easily solved by asking in zone or guild for help.  I’ve probably done more on the fly grouping in ESO than I have in all my time in lotro or eq2 too.

Dragon Age:
Like many others in the blogosphere with the imminent release of Inquisition I am tempted to replay through Origins & DA2.  I’ve even been playing Heroes of Dragon Age (android / ios) and reading the prequel novels as I may be a bit over-excited 😛  Actually Heroes of DA has had some major changes and is less of a pay2win than it was previously.  Prior to the changes I had no legendary heroes (top tier), since the changes I have 8 or 9.   I may have a brief dalliance with replaying DA but I expect I won’t have time to go through it all again.

Mass Effect:
As I got a free copy of ME2 ages ago and I have loved every Bioware game I’ve played, so I bought ME1 and started playing through it.  I’m really enjoying it and it is making a nice change playing in a sci-fi setting.  I want to play through this, but again… time…

As I suspected this is a MMO which I very much have to be in the mood for.  I think this game has great potential but to be honest I am sort of waiting until they get their tools sorted out.  Having to watch player made videos to figure out how to build fairly basic stuff is pretty offputting and I can’t explore caves as the combination of mad light changes with a swinging camera view just gives me a major headache.

I played through the new Gondor content and got to level 100.  I have the Dead Marshes to go still and I am wondering whether to bother and try and max faction with Dol Amroth / Ents.  Eldaerian has max faction with absolutely everything else, so it seems a shame to stop now but ugh just don’t know if I can be bothered with the daily grind.  I don’t care about the gear, I can’t see me ever making this my main MMO again so it’s irrelevant really.  Although as a solo experience, I did really enjoy it and was great chatting to kinnies.

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  1. Rakuno says:

    Seems like we are in the same boat. 🙂

    I also got a flu though not as bad that I haven’t been able to sneak some game time here and there. I also have a lot of games I have been wanting to play but unfortunately have not been able to since things in Everquest 2 have been eating my gaming time for the most part. Well, sorta. I did take a bit of a break to play some Dragon Age: Origins but that is it.

    And soon there will be more games I want to play too! This way I will never make a dent in my list of games to play!

  2. I understand the feeling of wanting to play so many games but there are just so many hours of the day 🙂 I am in the exact same place.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      thanks for commenting both 🙂 well I suppose it’s a good thing we’re in this position? still… a pause button for the real world would be handy 😉

      1. Yeah, I completely agree with that 🙂

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