replaying Dragon Age: Origins

awww Duncan….

So, like I mentioned in my previous post (yes am slacking, caught a head cold – hate this time of year!)  I am replaying DA Origins in anticipation of Inquisition being released. It’s interesting looking at the game a few years later, it really has stood the test of time well.  The graphics are a little low res in places (though I could potentially fiddle with the settings which is slightly beyond me / not actually necessary) but still impressive.  The characters are just as amazing as I remembered them and the combat is still tons of fun – I love the pause / top down view for when things get hairy.

fabulous Flemeth

I’m making very similar decisions to my original and ‘true’ playthrough but I have made a couple of different decisions which has brought some surprises.  This time I decided not to kill Flemeth and instead take her offer to trick Morrigan.  Alistair’s attempt to do the right thing was just hilarious.  But I’ve also decided that this time I will take up Morrigan’s morally disgusting offer, so that all my warden’s will survive.  In my original playthrough I’d decided that my Warden would sacrifice herself which for me, is the right ending but I just want to see a slightly different ending.

the gang

I also decided to romance Zevran rather than Alistair this time (yeah I’m still bitter over getting dumped in my original playthrough :P)  In my initial playthrough I thought Zevran was rather disgusting and sleazy, however by the end of the game I really warmed to him, his character development is pretty sweet.  I’m running with Alistair tanking and Wynne healing with Zevran and my character being rogue stabby stabby dps.  It works out pretty well.  I’ll probably switch Ohgren for Alistair for the final battles though.  Those are my favourite characters…  it makes for good party banter.  I’m not a fan of mages so Morrigan gets shelved (plus she is so easy to lose favour with that it just makes including her really irritating), Leliana is fine but I really don’t need a 3rd rogue and I can’t stand Sten – I really wish I’d left him in the cage this time.

It’s also been interesting seeing the characters who make it into DA2 and the changes between the two games, notably Isabela and Flemeth.  I’d forgotten that Merrill and Cullen started in Origins too.  I am around halfway through I suppose, I have the Brecilian Forest and some side quests to do before I start the leadup to the final battle.  I am then intending to play through Awakenings and Dragon Age 2.  I’m wondering if I’ll find DA2 better this time round, I did enjoy it before but I didn’t feel as connected with my character or the other characters as I did in Origins.  Will be interesting anyway.

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  1. seth says:

    I keep meaning to play through DA:O again! One of my all-time favorites, played through it three times in a row when it first came out, once for every class. Inquisition is looking absolutely awesome, I might have to revisit history before that comes out…

  2. Arin says:

    I’m playing DA 2 because I pretty much know all my decisions for Origins but when I tried to enter DA2 decisions there was a lot I just didn’t even recognise. Sadly what I do remember now is that DA2 was so disappointing compared to Origins – not really a bad game but not in the same class. Now that I have Dragon Age head on I con’t seem to get back into anything else though so roll on Inquistion 🙂

  3. eldaeriel says:

    thanks for your comments 🙂 I have to say that this is the best playthrough I’ve had with DA:O, I am having such a good time! I didn’t want to start the final battle cos well… it’ll be the end…

    I feel the same about DA2 – perfectly enjoyable but… just didn’t get the same feeling of investment that I had with Origins… I can barely remember the storyline – my main memory was a feeling of guilt for killing Anders… oh and the last fight – I remember that being pretty spectacular especially with the surprise guest(s).

    a month to go… /tapsfingersimpatiently

  4. Just finished the game amazed myself. It wasn’t until the umpteenth replay of the final battle with the dragon that i realized I could call on the different factions to help..dohhhhh. Loved the game will get the DLC Awakening and then DA 2….and really looking forward to Inquisition …:)

  5. eldaeriel says:

    thanks for commenting 🙂 Ah yeah, I had a tough time with the final battle first time round too – the troops do help though I always felt guilty when they died 😛

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