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So, after around 9 years (ish), it looks as though I’ve finally tired of MMOs.  I’m not doing anything grand like ‘giving them up’ or rage quitting or anything, I’ve just gradually stopped playing them.  The rot set in with the Riders of Rohan class changes in Lotro, which ruined (for Dimzad) the Runekeeper and made my Loremaster a shadow of herself.  We (and some friends) tried ESO, which although it does have some faults, is actually a very good MMO (especially with the amount of changes which have happened and are about to happen) but it didn’t click with them for whatever reason.  I did stay on for a while but MMOs just aren’t the same without your friends,  so now I’ve stopped too.

And that’s all fine 🙂  MMOs can get a bit treadmill like at times, with the achievement goal posts constantly moving and involving a lot of time to just keep up (which incidentally ESO does/will have a very good way of managing).  I’m not saying ‘never again’ and if there’s even a hint of Dimzad and my friends ever returning to Lotro or ESO, I’ll probably be straight back in there 😛  I have been grouping up with a friend, duoing the Dragon Age Multiplayer, and grouping is as fun as ever – so that aspect of it does still very much appeal.

Lotro is still tempting because of well… Middle Earth plus we are part of an extremely nice guild there.  ESO, as I’ve said, is a very nicely done MMO and I do like the combat system there, in a year or two when it has a few more Elder Scrolls features (gaaaaaaaaaah Thieves Guild!! Housing!!) it may well too tempting to not play, especially if ES6 hasn’t been released (and I’m not hopeful it will be in that time frame, although… it is possible, if we’re on a 5-6 yr dev cycle).  I will admit to currently being tempted by SWToR as the littlun likes playing that and I would like to play through one or two of the class stories…  But… I think I will just leave it for now and concentrate on some single player games.

So finishing my Nightmare playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition and then probably having a break from the single player side for a little while so I can concentrate on trying to get my head around guns in Mass Effect (it’s like learning a foreign language moving from bows to guns).  Plus possible replays of DA Origins and DA2 (I can skip through these quite quickly now).

Finishing my Thieves Guild playthrough of Skyrim. I will probably end up doing the main questlines again as I forgot I had bought the Dragonborn DLC.  I am still really tempted by a replay of Morrowind…

So Nightmare run DAInq → Mass Effect → Thieves Guild + DLC Skyrim.  That’s plenty to be getting on with 🙂  Oh and Pillars of Eternity is looking very good!

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  1. Rakuno says:

    I can relate. From time to time I feel like playing MMOs just isn’t all that fun anymore and decide to get some quality time with single-player games. The difference though is that my friends still love the genre and the games and they are half my motivation to still play it. Right now we are playing EQ2 and although the adventuring part is meh I do still love the decorating part so I am still sticking to it.

    I know you have a pretty good list of games there already, but since you like rangers I thought I’d suggest Divinity: Original Sin. It is a pretty good RPG and rangers there are a very flexible and powerful class. If you do end up playing it I also recommend getting the Pet Pal trait with one of the main characters (you get to create two) and if one of them is a melee character to get the Leech trait.

    I hope you have fun with the games you intent to play! 🙂

    1. eldaeriel says:

      oh… how on earth did I miss hearing about Divinity: OS? probably too caught up with MMOs 😉 thanks for pointing this out, it looks great and will definitely give it a whirl at some point 🙂

      I definitely miss the housing system in EQ2…

      thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. I agree about the Riders of Rohan thing… and I think the only reason I’m still playing an MMO is because I am so lucky as to that most of my friends from my old LotRO guild do like playing together in SWTOR. Only when that happened (and it took a while because some of them were clinging to LotRO still until everyone was gone) I totally ‘accepted’ SWTOR as my new MMO of residence. That said, if LotRO ever would return to proper classes and new high-quality raid content…

    Luckily there are many single-player games around worth playing. And I can see pretty screenies of them here. 🙂

  3. Tim Anderson says:

    You should do SWTOR. It’s not an MMORPG. It’s a single-player game with MMO features that are 100% optional. The global storyline and class storyline are 100% soloable and you can play at your own pace and it’s HIGHLY entertaining.

    I hate it as an MMORPG, but love it as a single player game I can turn to when I’m not doing something else and want to spend a few weeks immersing myself in Star Wars.

    1. Seconded. SWToR is a really great game and a lovely halfway house between an MMO and a single-player story. I’ve been through 6 classes out of the 8 which is unheard of for me. I am fond of all the characters I’ve created and that’s because they’re so well-realised.
      Try it.

      That said, do Mass Effect first. Greatest story I’ve ever known.

      1. Heh, I guess you can play SWTOR like that as well. It just depends on what you prefer. ^^

  4. eldaeriel says:

    well I’m getting a strong impression that I should play SWToR – I will definitely give it a proper go in the near future then 😀

    thanks for all your comments 🙂

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