Screenshots (DA Inq, Skyrim & Mass Effect)

Just some screenshots of the games I’ve been playing recently (DA: Inq / Mass Effect  / Skyrim)

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Cassandra and Flash
A gorgeous cave (with a now-dead nasty spider)
My Arcane Warrior (centre) and my friend’s Elementalist in action (multiplayer)


only one shot and I’m showing off… I got to the Ragged Flagon, Thieves Guild at level 2 and was pretty proud of myself 😛  Ok yes, I forgot to take the screeny at level 2 so I’ll have to make do with the level 3 shot 😛



Mass Effect:

My Commander Shephard
It’s weird how they’ve really captured the experience of being in a lift… boring and awkward… It’s not necessarily an experience I wanted to have in a game but well there it is…

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  1. atz1830 says:

    Cassandra looking totally ‘me and my boyfriend’ 🙂

    1. eldaeriel says:

      ha I know 🙂 honestly it’s so weird playing a male character, feel quite disconnected from it. But she is so awesome… had to be done 🙂

  2. Rakuno says:

    Nice screenshots! Usually I am not a graphics snob but when I look at Mass Effect 1 graphics I always go like “Wait. The game looked like *that*?!?”

    Oh, and since you are playing Skyrim, here are a couple of mod suggestions (I swear I will try not to be off-topic next time I comment!):

    Jaxonz Positioner:

    That allows you to move and resize pretty much *anything* in the game. Even things that have been placed in other people’s houses or dungeons. Or people. Or put them in your inventory. Or make copies of it. Or lock it down in place so it never moves again! It is a decorator’s dream, basically.

    The other one is Jaxonz Renamer:

    This one allows you to rename… pretty much *anything*. This is useful so that once you decorate your house to your heart’s content you can rename containers for better storage organization. So you could have a chest for ores, another for ingots and so on. Or if you are feeling childish you can rename that annoying NPC to something more appropriate like… Jerkface. And I am not suggesting that because I would ever do that or something. Nope, not at all. >_> <_<

    Anyway, hope you are having fun with those games. 🙂

    1. eldaeriel says:

      oh those mods look really cool – will definitely try them out – thanks 🙂 oh and be as off topic as you like btw 🙂

      yeah it can be a bit of a shock going back to an old game – though I think your brain fills in a lot of stuff – I remember Daggerfall as being a lot more detailed than it was, I had quite a shock when I had a quick play recently 😀

  3. Missy's Mojo says:

    That first screenshot 😀

    1. eldaeriel says:

      haha yeah my poor little dude 🙂

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