SW:ToR beginnings (again)

Well I ended up in SWTOR a bit sooner than I planned – they have a couple of offers and I thought well, why not.  I have played a bit before, I got a smuggler up to about level 22, chose the wrong path (healer) and was so irritated that I just lost interest.  I also occasionally play with my 6 year old which is simultaneously the most fun I’ve ever had and teeth-grindingly frustrating 🙂

Anyway, so I’ve rolled a new smuggler and sensibly chose gunslinger this time.  This is a lot of fun, in fact the first time I fought with her new abilities (dual wielding pistols etc) I had a huge grin on my face.  What I was thinking in previously choosing the healing path, I have no idea.  I expect the healing path can also be fun – but probably more so if you’re grouping.  This character is most likely to actually progress through her story and it’s a lot of fun so far.

The Consular will possibly progress but at a snail’s rate.  This is the character I’m playing with my littlun (he’s playing a Sentinel).  I figured that he would probably need a dedicated healer and after watching him play (I’ll get them for you! stay back! /force leaps off into at least 2 groups of mobs) it was a very good idea 🙂  He’s struggling a little with the keyboard & mouse controls but he’s actually doing very well and I don’t think it would take much for him to become proficient (and probably better than me soon,  – ack)  He is inordinately attached to his robot and talks to it constantly (it’s incredibly sweet) and I expect none of the other companions will get a look in…  It’s quite interesting watching and helping him make choices – especially with some of the greyer areas.  I think he’d quite like to make some dark side choices or choose the ‘uncaring’ options but he doesn’t as he wants to be a proper jedi knight.

The Knight may get played.  Really I made her because a) dual wielding lightsabers and b) so I could preview the story before the littlun got there – as the game is rated teen, I’m not expecting anything too unsuitable but well forewarned is forearmed etc etc.  but I may just read the wiki instead – got to be quicker right?!

My free week is now over, if I end up playing it regularly I’ll probably buy the 2 month sub.  I’m mainly trying it out (again) because well, Star Wars, ranged dual wielding looks fun, its Bioware and the littlun.  Plus I thought it would be interesting to try out a sci fi world.  I’ve read and watched a lot of sci fi but never really played it – which just seems odd.

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