Favourite Screenshots [img heavy]

Ok, so this is a fluffy excuse of a post, but I thought I’d post some of my favourite screenies I’ve taken 🙂

First up, is my Mirkwood elf, Eldaeriel (LOTRO).  She’s at Gathbúrz staring at Dol Guldur, the source of the evil corrupting her home.  This was such a pain to get, it involved much nudging and swinging of the camera, it took me about half an hour to finally find the right spot and angle.  It was totally worth it, I love this picture.  If I had to choose one screenshot… this would be it.

ScreenShot00004 (2)

This shot is also of Mirkwood, but viewed from the Lothlórien side of the river Anduin.  I just love the blues, greens and purples.  I have tons of gorgeous Lotro shots, but these two are my favourites.


Dragon Age: Origins.  This screenshot still makes me laugh.  I was lucky to take the screenshot at the right time during the cinematic.  Every time I see it, I think ‘Aieeeeeee!’


Dragon Age: Inquisition – I took this shot of Dorian with the cinematic tool, it just looks like he’s taking a selfie though.


ESO: A panorama I took of the coast in Auridon.  Again, this game is so lush graphically, it’s hard to choose.

eso auridon2

This is Stros M’Kai, (ESO), it’s absolutely stunning both in daytime and at night.


These are the sort of lengths I go to, to get the screeny I want 😉


Skyrim: I like the bright neon blues contrasting (and framed by) the old stone walls.  Again, I’ve posted many skyrim screenshots, they are nearly all gorgeous.


My thief and Paarthurnax.  See I’ve totally managed to resist a sneaky picture for both ESO and Skyrim…


Finally, Vanguard: SOH.  Tawar Galan was one of my favourite places – it combined the gorgeous wood elf architecture with the coast – what more could I want? 🙂  I took this shot with Randolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (a temporary Xmas flying mount – though was not deactivated during the last while of the game).  I wish more games would add boats and sea travel…


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  1. Those are some impressive screenshots!

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