some funnies

a few funny things happened last week:

We were in the Coldharbour group dungeon, which was really fun anyway.  I decided to do my usual flying leap at a mob (Ambush) just as Arin decided to knock him off the platform with Uppercut…  I followed the mob off the platform to my death… I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe and all the other two poor members of our group could hear was the two of us in absolute hysterics 🙂


In Cyrodiil on Friday, one of our guild group found an animation bug – he was zooming around ‘riding’ the floor –  I couldn’t speak for laughing 🙂  He christened it the Mole Mount 😛


my 6 year old decided to play an evil version of Minecraft and filled the tutorial area with monsters.  He redid the sign to:


just really made me laugh 🙂

you can totally relax on this sofa right? nothing to see here…. yep our ninja cat JiJi has taken to terrorising us while we try and relax 🙂


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  1. Rakuno says:

    The unintentional “jump yourself to death” happened to me a few times too but it was in Guild Wars 2. There were times that I was fighting an enemy near a cliff or similar place and then in the middle of the heated battle I would forget what a certain skill would do only to find out it either made the character run/roll forward and see him plummeting to his death. How funny or frustrating that would be depended on the fight and how far I had to respawn. 🙂

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