ESO keybindings

Thought I’d share my ESO keybindings, in case anyone else finds it useful.  I have a keypad for my left hand, as I found the controls to be very cramped and awkward on a normal keyboard.  I vastly underuse the capabilities of the keypad but it’s far more comfortable to play.

Mouse controls:

not much to say here, standard left and right click for attacking / blocking.  I have bound dodge roll to the centre mouse button (click).  I do have a couple of extra side mouse buttons so they could be used for interrupt, potions or macros.



WPN SWAP / Q (potion) / W (move forward) / E (use) / R (take / ultimate)

SPRINT / A (move left) / S (move back) / D (move right) / F (ability 5)

STEALTH / Z (sheathe weapon) / X (ultimate) / C (push to talk)

button above D PAD (not shown) – ALT (menu toggle)

D PADUP (ability 1) DOWN (ability 2) LEFT (ability 3) RIGHT (ability 4)



  • I have to have stealth bound to control – too many years of single player ES games have drilled that into me and I’ve not broken the habit 😛
  • I found the D PAD too hard to use for it’s obvious purpose (it takes more effort for your thumb than you might think :P) so I adapted it.
  • A couple of standard bindings had to be rebound (I use ; for interact with character and for rezzing for example).
  • The game does use a ton of keybindings, the default free keys are, generally, the symbols on the right hand side of the keyboard and, unusually, the 1-0 number keys.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement.


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