DA2 – a sweary rant

ok it’s probably NSFW (swearing).  I found this in my drafts folder and it made me laugh reading it back when I found it…  (it’s sort of true.. sort of)

I think the most annoying thing about DA2 is that it ends up being all about appeasing your companions…  Oh noes I supported mages, bang goes friendship points with Fenris…  oh noes I didn’t make a deal with a demon (cos yeah that always ends up going well…) bang goes friendship points with Merrill…  It gets to the point where if you want to actually keep people in your party, you end up having to check the wiki for every single bloody quest and choosing your party makeup based on the friendship or rivalry points you want to get…  I’m not going to even start on the crapness that is Sebastian.

and this is what I remember from DA2 and even as I’m replaying it, it is the focus of the playthrough.  Not the excellent story, not the very fun combat (the rogue combat animations are excellent), not the decisions you make.  It’s a game where I end up wanting to play solo and tell the rest of them to go fuck theirselves.  It’s such a shame because the characters are actually really excellent.  Aveline is just fantastic in her capable, loyal, ordinariness but still stupidly easy to piss off, Anders loves kittens and badly needs (and deserves) a friend but he’s completely insane (thanks Justice), Varric is just awesome and is the lone exception to the rule, Merrill is sweet and funny and you can understand her motives for dabbling in dark magic but for fuck’s sake, please stop being so touchy about sodding demons, Isabela is just hilarious and to be fair, she’s not too difficult to keep happy, Fenris well OK, the broodiness is probably understandable if you were an ex-Magister’s slave but after hanging round Hawke & her gang, he doesn’t seem to even start broadening his views… or cheer up, even a little bit, I mean the game takes place over 10 years… and Sebastian – ARGH!!!!!!!!!!-  unless you kill Anders then that’s it, he completely betrays you and joins Meredith – seriously?  What a waste of a voice 😛

I’m almost tempted to replay it as a trio – just me, Varric & Isabella – sod everyone else.  Zevran will turn up for the final battle – 4 happy, chilled out rogues can sort it out I’m sure.

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  1. Rakuno says:

    Heh. It is indeed a funny rant.

    I agree with everything you said. Specially in the case of Merril. I mean how much tragedy does she have to see before she gets she is dealing with some very evil, very bad spirits?

    And you probably already know this but you can annoy everyone and they will still hang around. They become your rivals though. Why they still decide to go on with Hawke despite hating his guts I have no idea but that is how Bioware decided to roll with Dragon Age 2. I think the only companion you can really lose (that isn’t due to plot demand like the mage sister/warrior brother) would be Isabella depending on how you treat her and how you deal with the Qunari.

    I don’t remember Sebastian joining Meredith though. I did let Anders live because I thought he couldn’t get out of the hook so easily. He *had* to do something to pay for the atrocity he committed. Perhaps it was the choice of words I choose back then? Or perhaps I already had Sebastian loyalty when that point came up? I don’t remember anymore. The only one I am sure hated my guts by the end of the game was Merril. But she was still happily helping me out during the fights. Go figure! :p

    And considering how so many of them are drama queens replaying the game with just Isabella and Varric as companions sounds a pretty good idea. :p

    1. eldaeriel says:

      ah… *cough* I may have rivalry-romanced Sebastian for it all to fall horribly apart when I refused to side with the Templars and couldn’t bring myself to stab Anders *cough* or he might just disappear in a sulk rather than actually join Meredith… *I should have been Queen /sob* 😉

      Fenris, I think, could swap sides if you haven’t got enough friendship points – it was a close call on one of my last playthroughs (I did get entirely fed up with the whole lot of them and I am really tempted by a rogue-only playthrough!)

  2. I think the devs nailed all the DA2 ones pretty well, though. Balancing them, failing, and then living with the consequences was the point. Better than DA1 where you were bribing companions (and purchasing intimacy) with presents!

    I still can’t get over the fact that the game fooled my male Hawke into thinking he could steal Aveline away, though. And then there was Tallis…

    1. eldaeriel says:

      well, I did say it was sort of true 😉 I think the Inquisition system has been the best out of the three 🙂

      re: Aveline (and Sebastian for me) – yeah… it does give them a lot more agency and depth when they don’t just fall at your feet!

  3. atz1830 says:

    Inquisitor Arin greatly approves (hidden relationship indicator rises by an undisclosed amount). Ah for the good old days when you could manipulate people’s affections with cheese and leather boots.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      well you know… if someone gave me a pair of Dr Martens and a lump of nice vintage cheddar (preferably with a nice bottle of something), I’d probably be slightly surprised at the combination but *ahem* it would probably hold some sway 😀

      Inquisitor Arin likes books and statuettes? (+10 approval gained)

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