ESO Disguises ~ Ebonheart Pact

ESO uses a disguise system which allows you to infiltrate an enemy camp and gain information.  Whilst on the quest you cannot sneak as that would seem suspicious.  After the quest has been completed however, you can use the disguises as a form of outfit (and you can sneak once again).  You can also lose the disguise through combat during the quest (and possibly after completion of the quest, in the same area).

Hats are enabled for all outfits, for those which have hats most can be hidden and some disguises have a variant which changes upon zoning.

Click for larger images.

Also see ESO Disguises found in the Aldmeri Dominion and the Daggerfall Covenant.

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  1. Justin James Christianson says:

    you forgot “Dunmer Cultural Garb” acquired in a quest in mournhold, where you help a Nord find things to better acquaint him in Dunmer politics

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