DAIMP: Elementalists and Ferelden Castle

I ended up having some fun matches in the DAI multiplayer last night.  I took Zither out for a spin with Arin’s Legionnaire and they got on famously and I had fun blasting enemies with cold dots.  We then switched to our fave characters (Cillian the Arcane Warrior for me and Rion the Elementalist for Arin) in an effort to finally bother to get them to 20.  They have the nicest banter – as in they are both quite chilled and happy characters and they happily burble on about the same old stuff endlessly to each other.    I switched to my elementalist for one match, I got rammed across half the zone by a Druffalo which killed me and had me in helpless laughter.

On a whim we decided to try the new (ish) Ferelden Castle match.  This zone is gorgeous, absolutely stunning.  It’s set outside and as we chose the Frost Dragon, it looks like we were in Emprise du Lion.  Even on routine, it is tougher than the other matches but it was very, very fun.  Very hectic with a dragon crashing about and sending icy spells our way and waves and waves of venatori to kill.  We didn’t kill the dragon in the end (we got him to halfway) as we didn’t really come prepared (frost potions may have been helpful :P)

We will be popping back to try again at some point soonish 🙂  After getting our fave characters to 20, we were faced with the decision of resetting them.  This means going back to level 1 but gaining 1 willpower…  Given that we duo this (so progress is naturally slower), we’re thinking that remaining at 20 is probably going to be more effective for us than re-grinding the levels and gaining such a tiny advantage…

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  1. Coppertopper says:

    So DA:I mp matches are populated again? I tried to play a bit right around when the Witcher 3 released and couldn’t get enough players no matter what level character I was on. Really wanted to get the Bard armor drop and try that class.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      Tbh I don’t know, I duo them with a friend… If it isnt busier, have you tried reading/ posting on the bioware forums? – there is a thread for PC lfg, don’t know if that helps 🙂

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