Blaugust Day 2: I am vampire

I don’t normally become a vampire (or werewolf) in Elder Scrolls games, much like I also don’t join the Dark Brotherhood.   However, in ESO the regen bonus and the stealth movement speed are too good for me to pass up.  I really enjoyed the questline as you learn how the Mother of Vampires became.  Her past is told through visions, she was originally a Priestess of Arkay who was defiled by Molag Bal and left for dead.  She prayed to Arkay who did not answer her pleas and so she rejected him.  As a new vampire, to join the rank of the sentient vampires (I think that the bloodfiends are those who are infected but do not undergo this ritual?) you need to defile both Molag Bal’s and Arkay’s shrines.  My Bosmer didn’t have a problem with this, my guess is that Y’ffre wouldn’t care unless she harmed a plant in Valenwood… 😉

Once you have defiled the altars, you enter a pool of blood and are drained of your own blood by four vampires.  After that, it’s kill 10 rats worm cultists and there you are, a newly created vampire with access to the skill line.  The appearance change isn’t too bad at vampirism stage 1 – my wood elf looks pretty much as she did but she now has purply pale skin and eyes to match her hair (red).  As the stages progress, your appearance does decline (see picture below – roleplaying as Miss Havisham could be truly terrifying!)  The feeding is possibly the most annoying thing, its needed quite frequently (every 30, 60, 90 minutes for stages 2/3/4).  The stages do have benefits like at stage 4, vampirisim abilities cost 60% less to cast.  The negatives can be reduced to be almost unnoticeable through fire resist runes, vampire skill line passives and the champion point system.

So I’m looking forward to the benefits of being a vampire, I just need to find some xp somewhere to level it 😛 (I’ve done most solo quests and the xp changes for dungeons / craglorn aren’t in yet).

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  1. Rakuno says:

    That is interesting. For me, the character who becomes a permanent vampire in Elder Scrolls games tend to be my second playthrough when I am playing someone evil (or as close to evil as it goes in those games). Werewolves I haven’t made any kind of tradition yet since so far I only experienced it in the Bloomoon expansion of Morrowind (which I never did the questline as a werewolf) and in Skyrim.

    Anyway, I am curious how do you feed as a vampire in TESO? By using an ability on any enemy like in Morrowind?

    And if that Miss Havisham is on stage 4 of vampirism it doesn’t look so bad. At least not compared to that kind of stage in the single player games. :p

  2. eldaeriel says:

    yes, if you sneak up to an enemy (or citizen now I think the justice system is in :O), you basically press x to feed. I was tempted in Skyrim but never did, its never really appealed to me – only in ESO because, you know, useful skills 😉

    she doesn’t look too bad normally (poor Miss Havisham) but I thought she looked quite terrible in that dress! but yes, much improved over the single player games – they’ve definitely prettied things up a bit (and the option to, ie. bosmer, was needed I think!)

  3. C. T. Murphy says:

    With Skyrim, I figured out a better way to play TES games. Typically, my RPG character is a vague version of myself, but I actually attempt to come up with a basic RP justification for my character now, similar to how I would sometimes treat new MMO toons. It helped a lot to have the character who was specifically intended to be a Dark Brotherhood member, especially when it can be so easy to make a character who does everything at the same time. I ended up playing Skyrim multiple times with vastly different playstyles/perspectives and it was a blast!

    1. I reserve the ‘vague version of myself’ approach for games with settings I’m not really invested in. RP justifications have always been how I played RPGs, and with a world as rich as TES, I’ve always felt there’s no other way to play. Great to hear you enjoyed it!

      I’m even attempting to do the same with my TESO characters – the one with the Fighters Guild won’t join the Mages Guild, and vice versa. Which, this being an MMO, likely means I’m short-changing myself, but hell, I’ll live with it.

    2. eldaeriel says:

      Yeah my characters are all basically me as well… With ES games, I tend to start one, get a bit of the way through – realised I’ve messed up something major (possibly appearance :P), restart and do everything appropriate on that character (no dark brotherhood for me so far). That’s that for me, though I do restart and mess around every so often.

      I have started a purely Thieves Guild playthrough (got in at level 2 which felt like a little bit of an achievement ;)) but I will have to do some of the main dragon plotline at some point. Perhaps this one might experience the DB…

  4. That’s not Miss Havisham at all – more like Lucy Westenra from Coppola’s Dracula:

    I definitely intend to contract vampirism at some point – was never one for werewolves myself. I think the most interesting thing about TES’s vampires is how seamlessly the devs have molded the lore around vampires’ attributes as they evolved over time in the series. Of which, TES3 was the worst game to be one! Constant sun damage + shunned by, like, 90% of the game’s population = nothing left to do but play the game as a murder sim.

    Speaking of which, TESO being an MMO, I suppose Ordinators attacking you on sight as a stage 4 would be too much to ask for? If I remember my Morrowind lore right, Dunmer culture hates vampires with a passion.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      ha you’re right! I haven’t seen that film for a long time, forgot all about it 😉

      and yeah… my dunmer vamp ran around Mournhold with absolutely no problems… pretty sure she was stage 4 – I gave up trying to keep up with the feeding quite a while ago.

      1. Huh, so that’s one loophole the devs have yet to address. But they can’t, can they? Not when Ordinators are guards and guards are unkillable. O the dilemma.

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