Blaugust Day 8 – The Descent (DAI DLC)

I was pretty surprised by the announcement for this DLC which is being released on the 11th August.  It is a return to the Deep Roads & darkspawn for the game, which I am pretty excited about.  I always loved fighting darkspawn, (except the Broodmother – that made me feel sick) as they are just so grotesque and evil.  It is promising the revelation of a secret which will have a major impact…  It also looks as though we may have new dwarven companions or followers – he very much reminded me of the dwarves in the Legion of the Dead from Origins…

Possible Spoilers…

I’m not sure where The Descent is.  My immediate thought was of the huge chasm (Abyssal Rift) below Adamant Fortress (Inquisition and the chasm is explored in the novel Dragon Age: Asunder) and the depths of the Fortress itself but I guess this is unlikely.  The Legacy DLC for DA2 also explored a huge underground Warden Prison (where we were first introduced to Corypheus) and some of the architecture and layout looks very similar to this.  Actually also similar to the area in which you meet The Architect (DA: Origin DLC Awakening).

There’s lots of blue lyrium shown in the video too, so I wonder if the secret is to do with yet another ancient magister or something to do with Lyrium.

Or if they’re massive red herrings 😛  I’m betting on the red herring theory personally 🙂

Oh it was confirmed (via twitter) that this isn’t the last story-based DLC for DAI – yay!

if you’re interested, see also this youtube video analysing some of the detail in the trailer.

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