Blaugust Day 10 ~ The Inquisitors

So I settled down earlier to play through the Jaws of Hakkon DLC (having finished the nightmare run last night) and I suddenly realised that I don’t have a good game state in any of them…

My first inquisitor (lvl 24 / normal mode / rogue / solas romance) is probably about the best in terms of gear, money and map / dragon completions.  But she accidentally made some terrible decisions, as is usual for first playthrough.

My second (lvl 20 / hard mode / mage / cullen romance) is probably the easiest to play as she and her team are wearing pretty good crafted gear but I skipped tons of content including companion quests and it just seems to be a bit ‘wrong’ to be playing something where I have left Varric with the tarot card below.  I think I killed Hawke in this one…

My third (lvl 16 / nightmare mode / mage / cassandra romance) is wearing terrible gear, is a man and did hardly anything… In fact Cole isn’t even there, I neglected my companions so badly.

The problem is that I tried playing on my first inquisitor but the rogue playstyle felt so weak after playing mage.  That’s just weird.  Shouldn’t actually happen.  The thing is, there seems to be a spike in difficulty for the DLC, even on casual mode – and I’ve noticed this coming from playing Nightmare mode.  I actually like the challenge though but I’m not sure which character to take through – well inquisitors one or two I guess.  Inquisitor one feels a bit weak and it means I’d have to take Vivienne along so I could have two mages…

I did / maybe do have plans for a 4th playthrough where you know, I’d obviously do *everything* and make all the right decisions but I can’t face even thinking about that yet…  So inquisitor 1 or inquisitor 2? *rolls dice*

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  1. atz1830 says:

    It could be worse, you could have…… nope I’ve got nothing, it couldn’t be worse. Oh well no one said imaginary life would be fair or easy . At least if there is to be more content later you have a chance to achieve the Perfect Playthrough (or PP for short) before that comes out.

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