Blaugust Day 12 ~ DAI DLCs (spoilers)

I’m playing through both the Jaws of Hakkon and The Descent at the moment.  I’m enjoying both of them. JoH doesn’t provide any answers to our questions (there are many!) but it does provide a lot of information about the Avvar and the first Inquisitor.  The first Inquisitor saved Orlais from a bonded avvar god/dragon attack but was written out of the history books because he was elven.  Scout Harding also gets out and about a bit too – which is great, I love her character 🙂 The dragon fight was very fun.  The Avvar seem to be based somewhat on the early Anglo-Saxons.  One of the tales reminded me of Beowulf anyway (I may be way off on this!)

I suppose the pertinent point of this DLC is noting how revisionist the history taught by the Chantry is.  It does seem to be a theme in Dragon Age, that the history the different races / nations believe is true, is in fact built upon a pile of lies and omissions. History is written by the winners after all.  I think some has been just plain forgotten too.  This theme is taken further in The Descent, with us finally meeting (sort of) a Titan and getting some clues about the origins of the Dwarves (clues teased in the main game by Solas and Morrigan’s son).

Yet again, finding out one thing (that Titans are real and exist) only leaves us with more questions.  Its a very good marketing ploy leaving each game on a cliffhanger of sorts but I do also like uncovering this mystery slowly.  I think Thedas is going to be a very different place in the final DA game than the one we started in Origins.

The Descent itself, I really enjoyed.  One long dungeon crawl filled with darkspawn, spiders and… later, lyrium dwarves.  The fighting itself was hmm mostly boring I have to admit.  My party wasn’t taking much damage but the npcs seemed to have really high armour and health so took longer to kill (relative to the damage being taken) which was tedious rather than exciting.  The funnest fight was taking on the darkspawn nest with waves and waves of darkspawn with accompanying bosses.  The zones are incredibly well done, really atmospheric, really beautiful.  It feels deep too – my stomach lurched a couple of times as I got too close to the edge 😉  The new dwarven followers were great – I was quite shocked and saddened when Renn, the male dwarf, died and of course Valta is potentially setup as a future antagonist.  Though it is possible she may become the saviour of the dwarves (if they actually need saving) or a force for good (connecting the dwarves with the fade again perhaps).  This DLC feels very much like Legacy (where Corphyfish was introduced)

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  1. Jasyla says:

    I have to get to the DAI DLC at some point. I started a 2nd playthrough a while ago, but then The Witcher 3 came out and I can really only handle one big open world game at a time. I’m happy to hear that they were enjoyable.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      oh yes The Witcher… it’s on my list too…. 🙂

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