Blaugust Day 14 ~ Coastal shots

Last post before I go on holiday – posts 15 – 20 will be not be written.

As it’s Friday again, I thought I’d post some more screenshots to a theme.  This time – the coast.

1. Landmark.  A very pretty misty dawn shot.


2. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.  Shot of Tawar Galan with the housing islands in the background.


3. Skyrim.  Snowy coastline panorama.

4. Dragon Age Inquisition.  The Storm Coast – loved the seagull in the centre of the shot, wish I’d been quick enough to change camera angle so that the rock wasn’t directly behind him.


5. Lord of the Rings Online.  The shipwreck at Forochel.  I like the way the focus is drawn to the breaking point of the wreck.

ScreenShot00050 (2)

6. Elder Scrolls Online.  Moonlight on the very calm coast of Auridon.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Xannziee says:

    Have a wonderful holiday!:):)

  2. Rakuno says:

    Hope you have a great holiday! 🙂

    That first picture of the shore in Landmark is awesome. I can see why people would like to make a beach home in there! (Yes, I haven’t been back to Landmark yet. >_<)

    The Dragon Age: Inquisition and the Lord of the Rings one are pretty cool too (no pun intended!) and they have a certain air of adventure to it with those crashed ships. That might be just me though, probably because the Elder Scroll series conditioned me to think of crashed ships = loot!

  3. eldaeriel says:

    thanks both – had a fab time 🙂

    Those are probably my favourite three too 🙂 The sea in The Storm Coast ( DAI) is probably as good as the sea in Landmark except you can’t swim in it… 😉

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