Blaugust Day 22 ~ gaming plans and catchup

Firstly, huge apologies to my fellow blaugusters.  I am completely and hopelessly behind on posts after my holiday.  I will try and get liking and commenting soon 🙂

So Gaming Plans.  I felt it deserved captitalising.  I’m going to split this into two parts, my immediate gaming plans and those I would like to do…

ESO ~ Well, the new DLC is not too far off now (yay!) so I am just treading water at the moment.  Hopefully will be fitting in some grouping with Arin (and Aeo and Leron if they’re not on holiday yet), possibly some Carry on Craglorn with Arin and the Guild and maybe some Guild PvP…  Other than that, it’s scrabbling around for XP to level vamp on my NB, provisioning writs and some achievement hunting to do.

GW2 ~ I’ve jumped into an all-Thieves levelling gang with my GGG guild.  This should be a LOT of fun.  They are really great company and I remember the all-healer pug raids in EQ2 as being incredibly fun.  I’ll potter about on my ranger when I have time too.

Wishlist gaming:
~ I would really like to get Mallendis (loremaster) through the latest epic story and catch Eldaeriel (hunter) up on the epic story too.  Two MMOs is far too much to be dealing with, so a third… I think I can do this though by just concentrating on the epic story.  I do love this game, even with the changes.  It’s so gorgeous, I can just wander around this world looking and listening and feel happy…

SWToR ~ I do like this MMO and I would really like to at least finish the Smuggler storyline.  I think if I did that, I would feel that I had ‘done’ the game.  Which is not knocking the game at all, if there weren’t ESO and GW2, I could probably play here quite happily.

Dragon Age ~ I still haven’t done Perfect Playthroughs (PP – thanks Arin ;)) of any of these.  Inquisition is at the top of the list for a PP but hmm not yet 🙂

Mass Effect ~ argh!  I really want to play through these but I just can’t manage it for some reason…  (actually list above is probably a good start for why :P)  Perhaps I need to set aside a week and say THIS IS MASS EFFECT WEEK – YOU WILL BE SHEPHARD AND FIGURE OUT HOW THE GUN SYSTEM WORKS.  Apparently I’m not the only one who can’t drive the Mako either which made me feel better.

Fallout ~ I’ve always been interested in this series but not actually interested enough to play it until I saw the Skyrim-enhanced housing system for Fallout 4.  Dimzad is a huge fan (he has a Pip boy pre-ordered!) so I will be a Fallout 4 widow come November (haha yay! guilt free MMO time for me!!)  I’m considering playing Fallout 3 at-some-point™

The Witcher ~ I did start playing Witcher 1 and it does look as though it is a good story and worth playing through.  Again this is a playthrough that might happen at-some-point™

Other stuff:

I’ve been having a nightmare with ESO and my Nvidia card.  I keep getting a kernel driver crash, only with ESO and only intermittently.  Which means it’s a complete bastard to track down what is happening.  I’m partly convinced that it’s something to do with ESO builds and hoping that I’ve solved it with a clean install of the GPU drivers.  I’ve even disabled ESO addons which now feels like I’m playing blind…  Hopefully a few more group nights might show whether or not the re-install has worked…

I’ve been delaying installing Windows 10 until I know whether or not the problem has been solved (plus I’m putting off the dreadful task of backing stuff up…  far too many screenshots, Vanguard install (the emulator is awesome so far), too much footage of dragon age inquisition – I really should just delete it.  I really want to update then clean install to my SSD (which doesn’t have enough room for the My Documents shite and my head can’t cope with the steps involved at the moment).  I do think that probably updating to Windows 10 won’t make a blind bit of difference to my GPU problem anyhow…

my new Thief in GW2

argh!  gratuitous screenshot below

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  1. anarChick says:

    As a SWToR veteran (all classes and sub-classes for both factions played to endgame) I can agree that the Smuggler storyline is worth completing and if you want to go Dark Side then the Imperial Agent is just astounding – although I also have to call out the L50 Sith Inquisitor battle as one of the most amazing in-game sequences of all (I liked it so much that I levelled a total of five Inquisitors).

    1. eldaeriel says:

      cool thank you 🙂 I’m not sure I can bring myself to play dark-side – it just feels so very very wrong! maybe if I ever get through the smuggler story… 😀

  2. Rakuno says:

    Out of curiosity, what would you consider a perfect playthrough for Dragon Age? (The first or second one, since I haven’t played Inquisition yet, still waiting for whenever they release the Game of the Year/Ultimate/Definitive/Wathever-ive Edition)

    And you are not the only one who had problems with the mako in Mass Effect. Everybody I hear talking about it seems to hate it. I think I might the only one who was okay with it. I am not sure the alternative they came for the mako in the next games is all that good though.

    I also want to play Witcher. I keep trying but the combat annoys me a bit. But the second and, specially, third games look so good. So I’d like to finish the first one so I can give those a try!

    So, you are not the only ones with these “problems”. 🙂

    1. eldaeriel says:

      Perfect Playthrough for Origin would be… *ahem* romancing the right person and making the right decisions, not skipping side quests…. DA2 is very similar as is DAI (and including the collection things they introduced)…

      I tend to do a first playthrough and make some decisions which occasionally don’t mean what I thought they meant (dialogue choices can sometimes have the opposite effect of what you thought that dialogue choice meant) – or I do a playthrough with the right romance but I choose the opposite decisions (within reason) to see what happens.

      I suppose with DA, I like to choose the decisions which as well as feeling morally right also have the best current effect for the people/world (although long term effects of decisions are unknown of course). Which I know is a bit obsessive and over controlled and it’s making decisions from a position of semi-omnipotence which is also a bit weird…

      I now feel as though I should justify this and point out that I am actually a well adjusted person who does have their gaming and life in balance – its just that DA is my weirdo achilles heel or something 😀

  3. atz1830 says:

    Welcome back 🙂 I’ve been spending a lot of time in the deep roads, mostly being pushed off rickety bridges by companions and plummeting to an early death, but I should be out soon; I just have to find blood stained gear number 22.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      thank you 🙂 will email you soon!

      oh please don’t talk about blood stained gears! I was going crazy trying to find them all – I haven’t… I *swear* I have been *everywhere* though I also haven’t found the area on the map you find so clearly not…

      and yes much stomach lurching to be had…

  4. Xannziee says:

    Welcome back!:)

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