Blaugust Day 26 ~ backing up

I’m about to upgrade to Windows 10 so obviously I have been sensible and started backing everything up.  My main priority is family photos and videos, everything else I would prefer not to lose but it wouldn’t be a disaster.  Everything else being music files (still have the cds), game saves (*ahem*), films (again still have the dvds), game installs (can be redownloaded or reinstalled) and erm screenshots…

I really wasn’t sure what to do with these – they are semi-organised.  Actually they are fairly well organised, they just need pruning.  I’m not sure I should admit this but it turns out I have over 5,000 screenshots.  Wut?!  About 4 gigs worth (thanks to DAI saving as .png I think).  I really didn’t know what to do with them – the backup sticks I have don’t have enough room left on them.  I couldn’t quite bear not to at least attempt to back them up just in case so I’ve ended up downloading the Flickr Uploadr and am currently uploading them.  Its going to be a nightmare sorting them out.

My EQ2 folders (862 shots) are the funniest – I have a whole folder of pet animals in funny places.  I’m not sure why except I find them vaguely amusing.  Oh and a whole folder of ‘oops I’m/We’re dead’ screenshots too…

Lotro is the currently the biggest culprit with over 2,500 images.  I still can’t quite believe I’ve taken this many screenshots – perhaps you’re not quite so surprised 😛  Testament to the sheer gorgeousness of the game I guess.

Dragon Age Inquisition has 772 images.  Here I have been stupidly organised and put the shots in folder relating to each character, to multiplayer shots and a whole folder of dragons.

So what to do – there is a 1TB of free space on Flickr which clearly at 4GB, I’m barely going to dent.  Even so, there are a lot of redundant screenshots.  Surely I don’t need all these screenshots saved.  I’m going to prune and re-organise them on Flickr and then harshly prune on my computer.  I don’t think I need that folder of pets in funny places on my hard drive really…

but maybe you’d like to see them? 😉  (just a few?!)  These pets wander freely around your character home in EQ2.

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  1. Jeromai says:

    At least you’re attempting to sort the screenshots! I’ve been just shoving mine over onto a 1TB external hard disk and not daring to look too closely…

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