Blaugust Day 28 ~ my top posts

Murf has asked for help and would like to know what you consider are your top 3 posts.  This comes with the possibility of being featured in Murf’s Blogging Bonanza column at MMOGames.  I do find this a bit of a difficult request as I’m not really a writer, more of a screenshotter and witterer 😉  anyway, it is interesting looking back at what I consider to be my best 3 posts 🙂

1 Hail to the Thief

I really like and am actually fairly proud of this screenshot comic I made.  Particularly because I managed to throw in a couple of Radiohead references and some Thieves Guild / Nocturnal imagery in.  The comic is about my Nightblade thief waiting for the Thieves Guild to be released in Elder Scrolls Online.

2 D&D Alignment

This was a fun post and others seemed to think so too.  I found it quite interesting to look at myself in terms of an RPG character and alignment.  I think perhaps the most interesting thing, is everyone who’s taken part so far has fallen into a Neutral *something* alignment which does really make sense for us normal human beings – how difficult it can be to stand up for ‘good’ when there is actual danger and what is ‘good’ anyway, the truth is that most situations are highly complex.  It’s possibly worth a follow up post 🙂

3 I hate wasps or hags and crones unite

I hate wasps just because it’s quite funny and quite truly scary at the same time 🙂  Hags and crones because the quest it is talking about is quite interesting and the zone is just really really pretty 🙂

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  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    I appreciate the show of support!

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