Blaugust Day 29 ~ Trespasser DLC

I was going to write this last night but was far too shattered.  I stayed up to watch the PAX Dragon Age panel and it was really enjoyable.  The new (and last) DLC looks really really good.  It’s set two years after the final scenes of the main game and the mark on the inquisitor’s hand is going crazy.   Fereldan and Orlais are angry with the Inquisition, we don’t know why we can only make educated guesses at this stage.

Angry Qunari are popping out of eluvians which seem to have sprung up *everywhere*   What did Briala do or did she have a Qunari spy within her network to gain the password to the eluvian network*?  A new dragon and new areas, the image below is quite intriguing


sorry it’s a bit blurry but what you can see is that the ceiling is upside down ruins.  This would be more in line with the fade but it doesn’t look like the fade at all, it could possibly be within the eluvian network (the mistiness of the outside spaces) but I’m not convinced by that either so I guess it’s something else entirely 😉  A book makes an appearance too, I wonder if it’s the Tale of the Inquisitor?  I guess Varric has had a couple of years to write a new bestseller.  It doesn’t look quite like either the Tome of Koslun or the Tale of the Champion featured in DA2, although it could be of course or something else entirely (my new catchphrase apparently).

and at the end.  Solas.  what has he been up to?  why is he back?  Hopefully we will finally get some answers to some questions – I expect those answers will only lead to yet more questions, in true Dragon Age style.  I can only hope there is new companion and advisor banter / dialogues…  Surely the advisors will be very much needed in what seems to be a political powderkeg in Thedas?  Ok so that’s a thinly disguised hope for more Cullen 😀

well there is this too, so…. :


During the presentation there was also a hint at the Qunari having a larger part in the story of the next DA game too – I think I remembered that right.

Along with this DLC there are also two new features for Haven / Skyhold.  One is the Golden Nug statue, which once you have completed the game on one character, will sync your collections (recipes etc) across characters and the Wardrobe which will allow you to finally get rid of those beige pyjamas and choose an outfit to run around Skyhold in – yay!

anyway here’s the trailer.  The end of the trailer states a release date of 8th September.

*detailed in The Masked Empire [novel] by Patrick Weekes.

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