[GW2] Team Lemming

I’ve recently completed the Exterminator achievement in Lion’s Arch.  This was quite fun, running round shooting Karka.  I ended up following a guide because there were so many to get!  It was fun re-doing some of the puzzles and finally making sure I visited the pub that only opens at night…  I also ended up finally completing the jumping puzzle in Sharkmaw Caverns – I had nearly finished this previously but found the dark cavern tricky and had to log off before I could complete it – this time I got through with absolutely no problems 🙂 (and found the Karka :P)


We also completed a fractal set recently which was really good fun.  They contained some jumping elements as well as the usual dungeon staple.  I have this weird thing with jumping – I enjoy them, I am actually OK at them – but every so often I either miss a stupidly easy jump or (like in the case of this fractal) decide to walk off rather than jump 😛  Obviously my guildies found this hilarious but it was even funnier when HBA missed and landed on top of me 😀

So yes, I am now Team Lemming – does anyone want to join me?

a few shots from the fractals:

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