#IntPiPoMo (21-25) elven architecture

I do like how there is a common, accepted standard for fantasy races across the RPG worlds that I’ve played.  Wood elves tend to have a more organic, grown for purpose feel, while high elves tend to use organic shapes in a stylised form.  Anyway, here are some examples 🙂

21. Ca’ial Breal, Vanguard.  Wood elf city.


22. Leth Nurae, Vanguard.  High elf city.


23. Lothlórien, Lord of the Rings Online.  High elves.  It was pretty here during the day, but at night it became truly magical and otherworldly.ScreenShot00038.jpg

24. Elder Scrolls Online.  This shot of a Bosmer (wood elf) structure was taken during a story instance, but there is a similar example just outside Elden Root, Grahtwood.Screenshot_20140817_210614.png

25. The Grove, Guild Wars 2.  OK this is ‘cheating’ as the sylvari aren’t wood elves.  However, they have much in common so I thought I’d include it 🙂


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  1. Yay! The Sylvari got in. Alex and I disagree about them totally – I love them and he hates them 😀 I honestly think they are the best elf variant I’ve ever seen, both in term of design and lore. The whole fact they are actually plants is so easily overlooked because they just look so beautiful but every limb ifs leaf and plant fibre, every ‘bone’ heartwood or specialised plant cells, hell even their navel is a whorl of leaf and petal.

    But this wasn’t always so. In the early (and even mid- to late) days of GW2 development they were more typical elves but Kristen Perry (may the Six bless her) convinced the team to change them entirely and now we have the wonderful, beautiful, utterly alien Sylvari 🙂

    p.s. I bet the amazingly talented Ree Soesbee had a big hand too!

    1. eldaeriel says:

      I’ll watch that in a bit – thanks 🙂 yeah I absolutely adore the sylvari especially that they can glow in the dark too 😉

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