#GW2 Kudzu

I’ve been wanting this bow ever since I first saw it.  It really reminded me of Eagle’s Talon (my Mythical raid quested bow from EQ2) and I just had to have it.  I ended up going the long crafting route, by crafting the pre-cursor (and obtaining my own little garden I can harvest everyday!) and then finally crafting Kudzu itself.


It involved massive amounts of grind (mat farming, buy orders, obsidian shard farming…), 100% world completion, rank 14 in WvW, luck (almost literally) and 500 of a dungeon currency.  The full list is at the above link, if you’re interested.

I feel slightly crazy (stupid?!) at having done this, I mean it is basically an ascended weapon with a pretty skin but also super happy at finally having it 🙂  It is now part of my gallery of favourite bows 🙂

if you’re considering crafting your own legendary weapon (assuming you need the same things – I think most legendaries share the Gift of Fortune for example), I recommend:

  1. Get your Mystic Clovers done first (before you start your final stockpile your ectoplasm and obsidian shards) as you will get other needed mats on ‘bad rolls’.
  2. start your buy orders early (gift of might and gift of magic)
  3. obsidian shards…  You’re going to need a stack of around 240-250 for the Mystic Clovers and then a stack of 250 for the Gift of Fortune…  start using your Ley-Energy Matter Converter now and keep checking your guild commendation trader.  Other than that chest farming in Silverwastes…  I ended up doing an event map followed by a chest farming map to keep the SW currency flowing.  Enjoy opening all your bags 😛  Good for mats and gold as well though of course 😉
  4. I levelled WvW rank through Edge of the Mists – was quite quick and easy, thanks to the commanders who lead the trains.

Good luck!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Well done mate – that much hard work deserves the reward. And a free trip to the nut house 😀

  2. Rakuno says:

    Congratulations! I don’t think I’d ever have the patience for that (even though I dreamed about it back when I was playing the game) so extra kudos for you for all the effort you put into it! 🙂

  3. Jeromai says:

    Grats on your legendary and kudos on all the hard work that went into it! It’s an awesome feeling to finally own the skin/look that you’ve always wanted the moment you saw it!

  4. eldaeriel says:

    thanks all 🙂 /happyflowerfeet 😉

  5. This *is* such a cute and beautiful bow! I’m kind of happy that my Sylvari (the class that really fits it the best, I agree!) is not a ranger, so I don’t have to go down this route!

    Still kind of jealous, though. 😛

    1. eldaeriel says:

      haha thanks 🙂 Yeah the only other Legendary I’m tempted by is the new (ish) staff, Nevermore – but… I think that’s probably not going to happen 🙂

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