#BDO Crafting Node & Storage setup

As I’ve previously mentioned I rather like the secondary life professions in Black Desert Online.  I’m slowly levelling up cooking and alchemy and like to craft costumes, horse gear, furniture and tools.  So I’ve setup my nodes to suit.  Its not perfect, I don’t yet have workers gathering all the materials I need/want but I’ll get there.  I currently have 135 contribution points and am thinking of pulling out my contribution points which are connecting cities to do something more useful (I’m not currently trading so I’m not sure I really need them…)

I’ve setup the nodes as follows.


I will need cedar nodes and housing in Altinova for the Mediah style furniture.  There are also some alchemy nodes I need to setup too (see Dulfy’s guide for alchemy)

In terms of storage, I use Olvia (1 residence for alchemy tool and then storage housing) for alchemy, Velia I use to store metal ores and melted shards (no storage but some lodging), Heidel is used for cooking storage plus flax and fleece raw materials (also a residence, stable and furniture workshop), Tarif for cotton, zinc and coal produce (just lodging here) and Calpheon for all refined materials and it’s here that I have my tool, horse gear, costume, refinery and furniture workshops as they all use similar items.  It does require some effort in moving goods around to the right town storage but I can’t see a better way of organising it.

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