#Skyrim challenge (1)

I want to blog but I’m feeling rather uninspired at the moment, so I thought I’d try one of the 30 day challenges that pop up on Tumblr every now and then (link to skyrim challenge).  Except… I’m going to be doing 1 post a week, so to avoid this turning into a 6 month marathon, I’ll tackle a few questions at a time…

1 – Which race did you choose?
My first character was a Bosmer.  I really disliked the model for the female Bosmer though and she spent most of her time with a hood on so I could pretend her face didn’t exist.  A while later I found a fantastic mod set (somewhere in this mod post) and ended up making a female Nord with pointy ears who I pretended was a Bosmer…  Much better 🙂

2 – Mage, Warrior, Rogue or mixed class?
oh totally a rogue… Honestly, if one-shotting someone or thing from stealth ever gets old (or not funny), it’s time for me to retire from gaming 😉

good shot

3 – Favourite Quest Line.
The Thieves Guild quest line is actually one of the best questlines I have ever played through.  I just loved the characters, the intrigue, the sneaking, the thieving, the dungeon delving…  and I ended up with lots of shinies displayed in the Thieves hideout and being Guild Master.

nocturnal – love the ravens here

4 – Favourite Quest Mission.
I have resisted the temptation to yet again reference the Thieves Guild and so I’ve gone with one of the final quests in the main Dragonborn questline.  Questing though Sovngarde was amazing, the zone was stunning and meeting up with Skyrim’s past heroes was quite a blast.  I loved the hall itself – absolutely massive… was very fun fighting a dragon alongside Skyrim’s finest

on my way to sovngard

5 – Favourite Faction
Well, obviously the Thieves Guild…  I feel quite boring now…  The sneaking and thieving has long been my favourite playstyle with Elder Scrolls though – it’s a huge part of why I like the series. I did like the Bard’s College as well though, after I’d found the evidence of the original happenings of the legend I was asked to investigate, I had to make up a song.  OK it was a multiple choice but even so.  I did wonder why they were asking me and did manage to resist temptation to put the silly answer (only because I didn’t want to re-load and start again…)


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  1. Rakuno says:

    Interesting. I guess I might be the only one who has a tradition of picking the race of whoever is the featured race for that Elder Scroll games for the firs character. In this case, Skyrim. :p

    I have a different opinion about the Thieve’s Guild Questline. To me that one was one of the weakest of the game, with too many logical holes. But I do agree that playing a thief and sneaking around in the game is pretty fun. 🙂

    1. eldaeriel says:

      I’m sure you’re not, I’m probably in the minority for sticking to wood-elf no matter what!

      yeah, I guess what I love about the thieves guild questline is the general concept of the guild being down on its luck, the betrayal by a trusted member, the red herrings, plus the involvement of Nocturnal and the information we find out about the after-life in her domain – I liked that thieves who had died in her service become the protectors of the thieves brought clarity to the whole walk with the shadows saying (possibly obviously, I may have missed this detail in previous games!). With narratives I do tend to look at the broader picture rather than the detail (/trying to remember logic holes and wondering if I just completely missed them!!)

      1. Rakuno says:

        If the internet is any indication people just tend to stick to the race/character-concept they love in every Elder Scrolls games. So I’d say I am in the minority in this. I find it interesting though.

        In terms of general concepts I do like the thieves guild questline too. The problem is the implementation is terrible. For example…


        That part where you just retrieved the diary from the former guild leader, got it translated and is going back to the guild HQ. They stop you at the door accusing you of being a traitor. Then you just show the diary and say you are not the one who is the traitor. And they just accept it at face value.

        A diary that was written in a lost language to protect its secrets, that *you* had to do a quest to get it translated by someone else. And they just accept that what you said is exactly what was written in that diary. Or that the translation is totally legit. Or even that the diary is indeed of the former guild leader even though it is written in a language that is completely gibberish to everyone in there.

        That just seems a bit too far fetched for me to accept. There are other problems but that one was where I stopped to be willing to go with it.

        *** END SPOILERS ***

        With video-game narratives I can let a lot pass by because video-games have their own logic. But there are some where it just make me facepalm and lose any immersion in the game.

  2. tyrannodorkus says:

    There’s nothing more satisfying than clearing a room of enemies that never knew who was there. >:)

    1. eldaeriel says:

      absolutely! bonus points for getting someone (with an arrow stuck somewhere very obvious) to say ‘I thought I heard something… must have been the wind…)

  3. eldaeriel says:

    @rakuno I think you probably get more out of the series that way maybe… It’s an interesting thought – something I might consider for an alternate playthrough. Thanks for jogging my memory with the logic loopholes in the Thieves Guild quest 🙂 I do agree but I have to say, it is still the most fun questline I’ve played through (for the reasons outlined above). I must have been blinded by the shinies… /looks shifty

    1. Rakuno says:

      Fair enough. There are a lot of games where I will be the first to say that the plot is silly and still say I had lots of fun with it too. So there is nothing wrong with it. 🙂

  4. For a solo game that gets its fun from the immersion, the quest example Rakuno gave would also annoy the hell out of me. Such flaws are not restricted to the thief guild quest line, unfortunately (no, I wouldn’t be able to dig up an example right away).

    Personally I’ve never played through the thief guild quest line, because I hate thieving IRL and I’m too much of a white knight when gaming. I hate myself when I try to play in ways that are not me. BUT I do always go with Bosmers, even if they look a bit odd.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      yeah I can totally see where you’re both coming from, the stories in ES are not that tight and certainly have their flaws. However, for me, the immersion in ES doesn’t come from their stories, it comes from being able to immerse myself in their huge, open world and I guess the stories they do provide are springboards or props for my story. I don’t know if that’s particularly clear! I’ll try and expand on it in some of the later questions hopefully 🙂 or maybe a blog post 😉

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